Operations Management Questions

What is the least likely decision to be made by Operations Managers?

Deciding which market areas to manufacture products for. Operations managers are mostly concerned with the internal operations of the company, like coming up with the objectives, strategies, planning, and controlling the operation. But the work of deciding which product to manufacture for a particular market is the work of a sales manager. The sales manager then researches the market and approves the right product to be manufactured. Once they come to a final decision, they require the help of the operations manager to make it happen.

A company which specializes in high variety and the frequent introduction of new products/services would seek to primarily focus on which of the performance objectives

For a company that specializes in frequent product introduction of products in the market, speed should be the primary factor to ensure products hit the market at the right time. For instance, any delay in the delivery of the product may result in losses since the late arrival of the product in the market can cause reduced or no sales at all.

From focused to general, which of the following strategy orders is correct

Functional, business, corporate.

Focus on general strategy starts from the corporate business to a functional level. From determining what kind of business to operate, defining its mission, and finally determining how to implement its strategy, a company should adopt a general to focus strategy. Focus on the general is the reverse. The functional approach implies accomplishing a specific task as a business is what holds all the functions in progress while corporate is the image perceived by the beneficiaries of the products being manufactured.

There are four perspectives on operations strategy. The term ’emergent strategy’ is most closely associated with which perspective?

Top-down involves moving from corporate, business to functional, while bottom-up perspective is an emergent experience of what strategy should be.

In the maturity stage of the product/service life cycle, the operation is likely to focus on which combination of performance objectives?

The main reason for such a choice is that quality is handled at the initial stages of the cycle. Thus, at the final stage cost, it should be minimized, and the product dependability should be prioritized to ensure that products’ ingredients are included. Finally, the product should be finished and availed to the customers at the right time.

In operations management, inventory strategy does not include:

How suppliers should be chosen.

Choosing suppliers is the work of the procurement department in a company.

Slack describes operations as potentially having three strategic roles within an organization. Which one is correct?

Implementer / supporter / driver

Operations implement, support as well as drive the laid down strategies.

What other names may be given to an operations manager?

In-vehicle business, the operations manager becomes a fleet manager; in a store, they are named the store managers, and in other businesses, they still play as the administrative managers.

Why is operations management important in all types of organizations?

This activity is of high importance as it helps improve product quality.

Operations management is needed to determine how the product will be stored and packed. It also assists in designing the store layout. It involves determining where each activity in the store takes place. Moreover, operations management also assists to determine where the product is to be stored after it is produced, depending on customer location.

How do operations performance objectives trade-off against each other? Give examples

There is a trade-off among the objectives. For a service to be dependable, the product should be delivered to the customer at the right time, any failure should be eliminated. It means that speed is one of the major factors. Also, the product should be of reasonable cost to enable the customers to buy it. The quality of the product is essential, while the cost of producing the product should not be too high to ensure the product is not expensive. Also, quality is enhanced by dependability.

What is the difference between a ‘market requirements’ and an ‘operations resource’ view of operations strategy?

‘Market requirements’ view of operations strategy refers to that the market requires the operations, which involves producing goods of high quality and reasonable price and delivering them at the right time. The products are produced using the operation resources. On the other hand, operation resources are the ones necessary to facilitate the production of goods.

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