Online Marketing Strategies: The Future Is Here

Article Summary

The article “Online marketing strategies: The future is here” begins by accepting the fact that offline (also known as traditional) marketing has made it possible for many companies to realize their business goals. According to the authors, the online marketing strategy relies on the use of different avenues such as television channels, billboards, and newsprints to inform the targeted customers about the existing products. However, the continued use of offline marketing processes no longer presents new options for competitiveness. With this kind of challenge, online marketing has become a powerful model for many companies that want to achieve their objectives. Online marketing implies “packages of measures, which lead internet users to certain WebPages to buy or order certain products or services” (Schwarzl & Grabowska, 2015, p. 188). The author shows that many companies are using their WebPages to promote online advertising. A new trend known as search engine marketing has emerged whereby different companies use the internet to attract the largest number of customers.

Several online marketing processes or strategies have emerged because of the power of the internet. The first approach is known as affiliate marketing. This marketing approach makes it easier for marketers to attract customers while at the same time minimizing their advertising expenses. Some of the ways through which affiliates “get commission include pay per sale, pay per lead, and pay per click” (Schwarzl & Grabowska, 2015, p. 193). The article indicates that e-mail marketing has emerged whereby companies use social media websites to promote their products. Newsletters are included in the strategy in an attempt to promote loyalty. Online advertising is embraced by business people to promote their services and products. It is agreeable that videos, surveys, and online communities can be used to improve the manner in which people appreciate the targeted products.

Schwarzl and Grabowska (2015) go further to support the fact that online marketing presents new opportunities and possibilities for entrepreneurs. The internet makes it easier for customers to select the most appropriate products in the market. Businesses that fail to use online-based marketing strategies will find it hard to realize their goals. Companies and institutions should go ahead to analyze the behaviors and expectations of targeted customers (Owen & Humphrey, 2014). The behavior of the consumer does not change. A proper understanding of this behavior will ensure different companies realize their marketing goals. The strategies aimed at supporting the needs of the customers should be guided by their respective behaviors (Schwarzl & Grabowska, 2015). Potential customers will behave in a specific manner. This kind of behavior should be clearly understood in order to pursue specific marketing approaches that can improve the level of performance. The outstanding lesson from this article is that businesses that want to emerge successful should embrace the power of online marketing strategies.

The internet is presenting numerous opportunities for marketers, companies, and entrepreneurs. Firms that embrace the power of online marketing will find it easier to inform their consumers about existing products and services. Personalized marketing approaches can, therefore, be developed in accordance with the behaviors of targeted customers (Schwarzl & Grabowska, 2015). These initiatives can play a positive role in strengthening the marketing strategy of every company.

The author concludes the article by advising and encouraging companies to create online departments. The departments will “support and manage the firm’s online presence” (Schwarzl & Grabowska, 2015, p. 196). By so doing, the firm will find it easier to promote the best approaches and eventually realize their objectives. The next thing is to create superior brands that have the potential to satisfy the needs of the customers. A positive interaction between the customer and the business should be developed. This approach will support the company’s business model and eventually deliver positive results. The targeted customers will be informed about the existing products and eventually make the company profitable (Nuseir, 2015). The concepts outlined in this article have the potential to transform the performance of many companies. It is also agreeable that corporations that fail to consider these strategies might find it hard to realize their goals.

How the Article Pertains to the Marketing Topics Covered in Class

The class materials outlined the major issues associated with marketing. The readings presented useful concepts, such as consumer behavior, marketing, and online-based promotion. The materials indicated clearly that marketers should combine a wide range of strategies in an attempt to add value to the consumer. Online marketing is a concept that focuses on the best approaches to inform people about the products marketed by a given company (Schwarzl & Grabowska, 2015). Businesspeople who want to realize their potentials through the use of online marketing should consider a wide range of issues such as confidentiality, changing consumer behaviors, and availability of different WebPages.

The ideas presented in the article support the concepts and topics discussed in class. The authors explain how companies can use different strategies to promote their online marketing processes. They can create specific departments to promote online marketing. The issue of consumer behavior is also described in the article (Schwarzl & Grabowska, 2015). The class materials have explained how companies should focus on the changing behaviors of their customers. By so doing, the implemented online marketing processes will support the diverse needs of the consumers and eventually make the targeted companies successful.

The authors have offered meaningful ideas that have the potential to improve the performance of many companies. Online marketing is a new opportunity in the changing world. With the existence of substitute goods in the market, companies should use the best approaches in order to attract the largest number of consumers. The approach should be guided by the changing behaviors of the customers (Owen & Humphrey, 2014). When the targeted group of customers is identified, the company will find it easier to implement powerful strategies that can deliver positive results. This discussion shows clearly that the concept of online marketing will present new opportunities for different companies to realize their goals.

Significance of the Article’s Subject

Business firms are currently operating in a competitive environment. The use of traditional marketing strategies is becoming outdated. Modern technologies, such as the internet, are transforming the manner in which many companies do business (Nuseir, 2015). The ideas presented in this article have the potential to support the business models of many companies. That being the case, the ideas presented in this article can make a difference for many companies in different parts of the world.

The article explains how the use of online marketing strategies has the potential to improve the performance of a company. There are also several options that must be embraced by different companies, such as email and affiliate marketing (Owen & Humphrey, 2014). These processes will attract customers and inform them about the superiority of the services or products. The other lesson that can guide many companies in the analysis of the behaviors portrayed by different customers. It is also notable that these behaviors do not change (Owen & Humphrey, 2014). That being the case, the marketer should focus on such behaviors in order to implement the most appropriate strategies to realize the outlined goals.

The internet is, therefore, presenting new opportunities for many companies and entrepreneurs. Businesses should create powerful departments to implement the best online marketing processes. The firms should design the best products and brand names that have the potential to support the needs of different customers. Different avenues and opportunities should be considered in order to make the marketing process successful (Nuseir, 2015). The modern business environment is characterized by disruptive technologies. It will be necessary for many companies to use the ideas presented in the article in order to realize their objectives. For example, the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram will ensure the targeted customers are informed about the products marketed by different companies. This process will make it easier for companies to become profitable. In conclusion, entrepreneurs should consider the issues presented in the above article in order to realize their business goals.


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