Nokia, Motorola, Apple Companies’ Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies of Nokia, Motorola, and Apple, INC.

Depending on the type of business, a marketing manager has several responsibilities or duties to ensure the success of any given organization. Among the major roles of a marketing manager in an organization include, implementing marketing ethos in the company, researching, and preparing reports on available market opportunities, managing clients, and managing finances (Stuart, 2001). A marketing manager, who can manage the available budget/finances, encourage innovation, and manage his team properly, is good (Stuart, 2001). The main idea behind a successful marketing manager is the concept of management. An individual who handles resources properly is always objective, and manages marketing strategies sufficiently will transform the performance of the company’s products and the business in general (Pearce and Robinson, 2005). Here, I will discuss three business/marketing strategies that will transform Nokia Company, Motorola Company, and Apple, Inc.

Nokia Company, Motorola Company, and Apples, Inc. are technology-based companies whose main products are electronic goods. Cellular phones, computers, laptops, and televisions are among the main products manufactured by these three companies. Due to the increasing demand for quality goods, the company that can embrace modern technology is the one that fits in the market most (McKnight, 2003). Any individual who aspires to become a marketing manager for any of the three companies should therefore be competent, ambitious, and one who is ready to embrace technology. Most importantly, the individual should implement marketing strategies that should be able to enable the growth and expansion of a company.

As an experienced marketing manager, I look forward to working in any of the three mentioned organizations. Apart from my work experience, I will be able to encourage teamwork and utilization of modern technology, which are successful ingredients in this industry. In addition to these, I will implement three essential marketing opportunities that will no doubt transform business in any of the companies. The three marketing strategies that I will implement include, launching an advertising and promotion program, which targets all customers, opening up several retail stores to expand the customer base, and initiating a customers’ feedback program to understand clients better for quality improvement.

To begin with, I will launch an advertising and promotion program. This will target all esteemed customers. This particular program will be divided into two, the advertisement section, and the promotion section. Under the advertisement section, customers will be informed about new products and services. This campaign will be essential in establishing a market for such products (new products and services). The promotion campaign will also target customers. However, this program will specifically target old customers. In this campaign, regular customers will get rewards for being loyal to the company. For instance, a customer who happens to have retained a certain product for more than 10 years (maybe a phone), will be rewarded with a new one to continue using the company products. This can be considered a Singles kind of project because it will be easier to execute, with minimal risks, and is a small task (Pearce and Robinson, 2005).

Secondly, I will open up numerous retail stores in different regions to increase the company’s market base. This long-term project aims at increasing or enabling a company to sell many products and services. Considering the increasing demand for electronic goods, especially cellular phones and computers, there is a need to expand the market base for any company. This is a Home-Run kind of a project since it is a long-term one (Pearce and Robinson, 2005). The project will also require high initial cost as well as a high level of management.

Lastly, as an effective marketing manager, I will initiate a feedback program, which will target all customers. In this program, clients will be able to provide their feedback on some issues. Mostly, clients will provide feedback concerning company services (are they friendly or not) and products (usability/durability, and quality). Additionally, clients will also have an opportunity to provide suggestions/opinions. This one is a Singles project because it does not require high initial capital. Although feedback from clients requires much attention from the management, the project has no potential risks. Through the customers’ feedback program, the organization will understand clients better.

Among the three marketing strategies, the most preferred one is the customers’ feedback program. This is precious because all the other programs are aimed at the increasing market base and promoting new products. With a customer feedback program, the company will understand the needs of clients even before they manufacture new products. That way, newly manufactured products will meet customers’ expectations.

In conclusion, a good marketing manager should have quality management skills (McKnight, 2003). With such skills, and marketing manager can become an asset to a company considering that he/she will bring transformational changes. Most importantly, a marketing manager should be a vision creator (McKnight, 2003). A manager who is a vision creator can be able to choose and implement relevant projects that will bring success to an organization.

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