Nivea Company’s Marketing Mix and Consumer Needs

Nivea’s consumers and the nature of their demand

Nivea offers a wide range of products that customers can choose from. This firm has products for the young between the age of thirteen and nineteen and also for the old beyond nineteen years. Targeting this age group is a strategy that has seen Nivea increase demand for its products. Consumers of skin and beauty products are differentiated according to their age, their skincare needs, and lifestyle. To optimize its presence in the market, Nivea identified a market segment whose needs were not yet met. Young women who needed these products to maintain their skin naturally. This group consists of people who want a diverse range of products for them to choose from. Nivea Visage served this purpose; it offered young women a solution to their skincare needs.

Unlike competitors who focus on products offering medical solutions, Nivea offers products for normal skin. This is just what consumers want for their skin, a range of products that maintain their natural skin while giving it the glow that they desire. Today consumers desire natural products that maintain their skin natural, Nivea used this opportunity to introduce alcohol-free products. This strategy implies that the company knows its consumers and offers them just what they want. Young women make the bulk of consumers who need and use beauty and skincare products the most. Nivea has succeeded in identifying this group and offering them the products that meet their beauty needs perfectly.

Nivea as a ‘consumer-led’ business

A consumer-led business is one that designs, and offers products based on customers’ changing needs. In the case of Nivea, market research determines the needs of consumers. Based on the response obtained from the consumers, products are introduced to offer the qualities that consumers need. For instance, Nivea does market research on consumers before designing and introducing a new product. It uses focus groups to get information directly from the consumers. It also gathers data from the consumers by employing research and tests the products on the consumers in different markets. This is a good strategy that involves consumers in product design.

Consumers’ needs come first. If the customers do not want medicated products, Nivea uses this opportunity to design an alternative range of products to fit this need. Consumer-led business identifies a special need in the market and meets this need. Unlike older age groups who want a solution to their skin needs, the younger women have youthful skin, which can be maintained naturally. This is a need initiated by consumers. Nivea uses this opportunity to introduce natural beauty-enhancing products. The young women do not have skincare problems but simply want to add beauty. This is what Nivea offers them and differentiates its products from those of the competitors.

The key parts of the marketing mix of Nivea

Product is an important part of the marketing mix because it is what attracts the consumers to the firm. For Nivea, innovation and diversity attract consumers to try the products. Product prices influence the decision that consumers make. Consumers go for quality but also consider the price of the product before they can decide to buy. Being a competitive field, Nivea also prices its products based on quality. To make the most out of a new product, Nivea may skim its new product prices for the first consumers to pay the premium. Alternatively, new products can be introduced at an initial low price. This captures consumers’ attention. Product and price determine the value that a consumer attaches to a product; therefore, Nivea focuses on quality with friendly prices.

Place determines the availability of products to consumers. Distribution channels used must ensure that the product can be accessed easily by the final consumer. It is a way of adding value to the product, and the consumers may overlook the price since they get the product conveniently. Today, consumers look for the extra value in a product, and simple strategies like convenience in shopping add this value. For Nivea, retail outlets and high street stores serve the young ladies. Supermarkets also capture the group that is dependent on parents because most of the mums are likely to visit while doing other household shopping. The promotion provides public awareness and increases market penetration. Through promotion, customers get to know the latest product, and this attracts them to try it out. For Nivea, personalized promotion reaches its target market well. Sampling ensures that consumers can touch, smell, and feel the products, unlike the TV, which just offers display.

The brand is also built through an interactive online magazine. This is convenient for the young people since they can express themselves freely. It also gives the company direct feedback for them to improve on their products. Providing such personalized services adds value to Nivea products and justifies the prices offered. Nivea has also focused on the social media which offers a powerful promotion tool. With the fast growth in technology, social sites like face book and Bebo among others offer a large audience for Nivea. These sites also offer an interactive media in which consumers can learn, and give their response. This form of promotion matches with the current lifestyle whereby consumers source most information from the internet.

The importance of the balance of the marketing mix

The balance of the marketing mix is very important because these parts must work together for a business to succeed. For instance, high quality products may not achieve good sales volume if product knowledge is inadequate. Lack of convenience and availability to the target markets also discourages sales even if there is adequate product awareness. Price is also balanced with the other marketing mix parts because it directly influences the sales made. It can be used to attract customers to a new product and act as a promotion strategy. Sales volume determines profitability; hence, high quality products justify the prices and drive sales. Knowledge, convenience and availability also add value to the products and attract sales. The four marketing mix parts are dependent on each other for a successful business.

The strongest points of the marketing mix for NIVEA VISAGE Young

Nivea Visage Young has a number of strong points. One, the products have natural ingredients, and this attracts young ladies, and gives them confidence in these products. Secondly, the market segment consists of young ladies who make the bulk of beauty products consumers. This segment is conversant with technology; therefore, social media reaches a greater audience than other media. Third is the variety in the products offered, one consumer can buy three to five products to serve different skin, and beauty needs. This gives the products the diversity required by consumers and promotes customer loyalty. It gives them a one stop shop for beauty products.

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