Mexico and its war with the U.S


In the history of the world a lot of wars are reported. There is a reason behind any war. Many people lost their lives and many of them are injured and handicapped by a war. Many historical monuments are ruin at the end of a war. A War causes damage to the biological system of the world. At the end of the war any one of the opposing team will declares their victory. Both side faces a huge loses in all the wars. U.S Mexico war is one such war in the world history.

Mexico is a southern neighbor country of U.S. Historians illustrated many reasons for this war. One of important reason was the boundary dispute. Annexation of Texas is the reason for the boundary dispute. This war is started at May 1946 and it continued to 21 months. At the end of this war Americans declared their victory against the Mexicans. Even though they got the success their loss was irrecoverable. At Mexican side they faced terrific aftereffects due to this war. Shortly Mexico and its war with U.S have had tremendous impact on the economic, social, political and cultural life of Mexicans.

Mexico had social impact due to U.S Mexico war

In the beginning of this essay told that both U.S and Mexico had had a lot of losses due to this war. Compared to United States, Mexico is a small country. Naturally its economic and military power is lesser than America. So their recovery from the hardships of the war was very difficult. It ruined their social status.

Another social impact was there around 25000 casualties in Mexico. Many people are injured, many of them dead. It created Mexico as a disease infested area. Death rate due to injury and disease is increased day by day. Poverty was another trouble faced after the war. Poverty leads to violence. It is the most important impact of this war.

Many people lost their home and relatives. People who lived in the ceded part lost their relatives and others. Human build boundaries come across them. People who lived in the ceded territory did not claimed at any nation. They lost their motherland and United State did not claim them as their citizen. (The Aftermath of War).

Due to the Mexican war many Mexican citizens and soldiers had lost their lives. It leads this country to poverty and social disorder. Many Mexican become as slavers.

Mexico had political impact due to U.S Mexico war

At the end of the Mexican war Mexico give vast territory to the United States. It included California, Arizona, New Mexico etc. Initially California was declared as a independent republic. After twenty five days American naval vessel captured California and Monterey and they claimed this territory areas as a part of United State. Mexican tries as their best for preventing the capturing Monterey which is an important place in northeast Mexico.

It is a trading and transportation center at this country. But after the three days battle for Monterey Mexicans lost their capital. Americans captured one of the Vera Cruz one of the valuable place in Mexico without a single loss. After capturing the Versa Cruz there was a ceasefire. It was not the end of the war. At that time both Mexicans and Americans prepared more for fighting. Then Americans moved to the heartland of Mexico, Mexican city. It was the capital of Mexico.

Santa Ana who is the President of Mexico and leads the battle against United State abdicated and Manuel de la Pena y Pena who served as the Supreme Court president was appointed as the acting president of Mexico. At 1948 February 2nd both these countries were signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago. (Military).

According to this treaty Mexico conceded their two important lands Upper California and New Mexico which included Arizona, Utah Nevada and Colorado to America. They relinquished all arguments related to the Texas. For the extended boundary U.S paid $15,000,000 to Mexico. Shortly due to this war Mexico gained 1.3 million square km territory area. (Teaching With Documents: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo).

For the peaceful existence of a country that need clearly boarded land area, and a constitution. For the proper functioning of any country that need a governing system which is elected by the people in that country and the that person who lead the country should have a positive attitude with that country.

Mexico had cultural impact due to U.S Mexico war

Different types of violence were started in Mexico after the U.S attack. Spiritual violence, physiological violence, etc. are different types of violence occurred at thereafter war. “Cultural forms and formulations, sensibilities and aesthetics were demeaned, dismissed, discredited or delegitimized — in other words, were unacceptable.” (The Aftermath of War).

Catholicism is their religious culture. It is different in African countries and in European countries. After the victory if Mexico war American Catholic Church send their priest to the Mexican Catholic Church. It affected their religious culture.

Mexican has their language style. After the war they had very less territory as their own. So their publicity of their mother tong reduced. It effect their social life and to hire high occupation.

After the Mexico war the lifestyle, government structure etc. of Mexico was completely altered or changed. Some thing related to their culture was completely erased. The cultural war is still continuing.

Mexico war partially or completely ruined the culture of Mexico. One countries culture is its identity and it indirectly indicate the educational status, ethical values and morality of that country. Mexican war causes the loss or shrinking of their language system. It shows the declension of Mexico. (The Aftermath of War).

Mexico had economic impact due to U.S Mexico war

After the Mexico war Mexico had a positive impact in its economy. It had a rapid economic growth from 1946. But its benefit spread only to the middle and upper class people. Poorer were in the same condition.

Mexico become Industrialized. Different projects like hydraulic plants, metro rail, water irrigation project etc. were constructed. An inter American highway was developed. Due to the improvement in the tourism sector commercial value of the Mexico was increased.

There was a considerable improvement in the national affairs of Mexico. (History).

Mexico had a great improvement in its economic status of the Mexico after the war. It is an aftereffect of the industrialization. By industrialization job opportunity in Mexico was increased. They get technical skill in different industrial sector. So they get job in other countries also. It promoted migration from Mexico to other countries. It also helps to the economic growth of this country.


From the above study it is crystal clear that Mexico has tremendous impact in social, economic, political and cultural life of the Mexicans. Some of them are positive impacts and some others are negative impacts.

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