Manager of Supply Chain Operations

Supply management philosophies

My primary concern as the manager of supply chain operations is to check the processes and the way they are performed. I have to check the quality of the product and its suitability to the company’s standards. The supply chain may consist of many components. It is the task of the supply chain manager to develop the chain and control it at every stage. Another function of the supply chain manager is to organize the network in a way to provide its optimal functioning. Among other components of my philosophy are the increase of customer’s loyalty, the availability of the product, its flexibility, and customer’s loyalty. At the same time, I have to minimize the time on the production together with reducing the operating, servicing. And, as a result, sales cost. On the whole, the major philosophy of the supply chain manager is the optimization of the production mechanism.

The importance of supplier performance in end-customer satisfaction

A successful supply chain manager should be concerned about the customer’s satisfaction. It is considered that the clients prefer the goods of services of high quality for a small price. It is not easy to combine the two, but a good manager can cope with the problem. It is crucial to organize the chain in a way to optimize the processes. For example, a company produces lunchboxes. The tops are made in one state and the bottoms in the other. It is the task of the chain supply manager to coordinate the logistics and bring the parts to their destination. If it is done quickly and at low costs, the final consumers will be pleased to get a not expensive thing of high quality.

Quantitative and qualitative traits of supply chain manager

If I had to employ a supply chain manager, I would consider the previous experiences and education. As long as it is a toy company, I would consider if the applicant has children. They are the final consumers of our production, and their interests and needs must be a primary concern. Besides, I would suggest creating a sample plan of a supply chain to get an idea of the applicant’s abilities. The job description will be as follows.

“A supply chain manager wanted for a toy company. Will plan and manage the supply operations. Able to evaluate quality, effectiveness, and output. Administers new products and current projects. Has to cooperate with customers to receive feedback. Knowledge in the field of materials’ safety is necessary. Minimum 5 years of experience in the area or related sphere. Having children will be a privilege.”

How has technology affected the role of the supply chain professional?

Technology development has influenced various professional spheres, and supply management is not an exclusion. On the one hand, the application of technologies makes the work of a manager easier. With technologies, tracking and shipping are computerized. It is easy to check the location of your cargo at any time. Another advantage of modern technology is radio frequency identification. Little chips can be placed on the goods, and a manager may trace them on the computer wherever they are. Social media are not only means of communication but also business cooperation. The owner of the company or managers may be open to their partners and customers. Having on-line feedback is a privilege of contemporary companies. Apart from this, technologies give access to various databases. Thus, they save time for the information search and leave more space for creative work.

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