Management and New Information Technology


Due to the innovation of new technology, you find that students are in a position to choose the career of their choice since you find that most of the organizations like in marketing, financing, human resources among others have adopted the new technology in most of the activities and hence making them prosper. Education has also been made easier since you find that most countries do work on distance learning with the help of the new technology, which makes it easier for learners.

IT has also been introduced as a course in most of the institutions and hence you find that students are in a position to fit in almost every career of their choice. Like in the area of production, you find that the output has increased since you find that production operations use sophisticated tools and equipment unlike in the early ages whereby primitive tools were used like animals which were commonly used in laughing but today you find that tractors are used in both planting and harvesting and hence as a result, you find that production has been in a position to shoot up leading to economic growth. (Benach, 1994)

Information technology and finance

It is through the invention of the new technology that many organizations are in a position to plan for certain policies, learn to implement and support complex information system projects. This new technology has a network of operations, which includes large-scale database design and administration. It also has a business development section and it is in this section, which actually has wide applications of business services. These services provide effective opportunities to corporate finance settings within the telecommunication industry. The various roles here include a wide range of technical, economic, financial, and marketing issues.

It’s through information technology that you get enough knowledge on network engineering and market strategies. In any organization the role of the new technology can help the business in the following set of functions, can implement and maintain sophisticated systems and methodological solutions required by the internal organization, Can also help the organization to develop data and models required to support investment decisions, can also help make exit and entry decisions for product lines and also conduct economic costs. So it is due to the new technology that most businesses have been in a position to succeed since you find that every financial activity has been computerized and hence as a result, making work easier and effective. (Edwards, 1997)

Information technology and marketing

IT has played a big role in the marketing sector. Due to the innovation of different production techniques, you find that new production techniques like machines used in harvesting and planting have been brought in the market hence improving on the production techniques. It is believed that many years ago, innovation was in-house but in contrast, things are quite different these days due to IT. (Edwards, 1997)

Information technology and human resource

With the rise of a human resource professional, organizations have been in a position to increase their production. Technology is one of the most important things needed by fast-growing organizations since it’s by using technology that businesses are in a position to invent new business operations, proper organization structures, and the introduction of new management. Information technology has helped human resources develop since it’s through it that good leaders are chosen in different organizations with knowledge of computer skills and hence as a result, you find that the organizations are in a position to run effectively. Resources can be properly utilized using the new technology and this leads to many economic growth. (Edwards, 1997)


IT has played a wide role in most of the organizations since its due to the introduction of new technology that marketing, financial, and production activities have been in a position to increase since you find that innovation is still in progress.


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