Life Before the Internet and Life After the Internet

The spread of internet working has contributed to the change in life aspects, especially in communication and education sector. Before the internet introduction, most activities which seemed unlimited by nature nowadays were quite limited. Fast communication was only possible in areas that were covered with a particular local network. Networking was developed as a result of nature demands which were forcing people to be more efficient and fast. In order to improve their productivity, individuals started using research programs that could operate in separate networks which lead to the development of digital networking (Abbate, p. 14). It is the spread of digital internetworking that developed the idea of developing a global network which was later referred to as the internet.

Internet invention has changed people’s lifestyles making most of the activities that were limited by nature easier to perform. As a result, life before and life after the internet is totally different. Internet invention resulted in to change in how everyday tasks are conducted (Shery, p. 1). Before the internet, for instance, people in different locations used to communicate by sending letters through post offices. This mode of communication was very unreliable and hard to track. The Internet has made communication easier since people can use instant messaging and voice calls to reach people in different locations.

Learning and researching before internet invention was a complex life process that required one to go through many small book catalogs to identify the books to read. Books were very useful in the life before the internet in providing the public with information (Shery, p. 1). On the other hand, research and education life after the internet has been simplified. One does not need to go through books to obtain information. Most of the information needed by today’s scholars is available online. In addition, it is not necessary for one to report to school on a daily basis since internet has made it possible for schools to provide e-learning.

Doing business has also been changed by internet invention. Before internet, in order to compare prices one needed to conduct manual window shopping by visiting all shops and comparing prices. Internet has simplified shopping since most shopping centers provide information about the products they offer in the internet (Tanenbaum, p. 51). In addition, unlike before internet invention, one can nowadays conduct international business transactions without having to travel. As a result life after internet has become more globalized.

However in some aspects internet has caused negative impact to the life after internet. Before internet intervention people lived in reality. Internet has provided an alternative reality where a person can have virtual friends (Shery, p. 1). This has affected social life and contributed to increased crimes since most of the internet people are mysterious to a certain degree.

Internet invention is one factor that is considered to have played a significant role in shaping human history (Tanenbaum, 52). Internet has changed means of communication and availability of information thus greatly becoming an essential part of everyday life. Internet can be considered one of the most useful tools in modern days. Internet has changed lifestyles of various aspects such as education, communication and even socialization. Despite the fact that internet has changed life in many aspects towards the positive there are some negative aspects associated with life after internet. Social life after internet has been impacted both positively and negatively (Abbate, 32). Positively in the sense that internet has empowered socialization thus making it possible for one to have virtual friends. On the other hand internet has impacted social life negatively since it has made possible it for people, to be involved in criminal activities easily.

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