Lemay, Missouri: Community Assessment

Community Core Data

Lemay is a township of St. Louis County, Missouri with a land area of 10.3 sq. mi. and a water area of 0.8 sq. mi. (Lemay Township, 2007). Its population in 2007 (July) was 16,854, 7,973 (47.3 percent) of whom were males while 8,881 (52.7 percent) were females (Lemay Missouri-City-Data, 2009). Ethnic composition in the township (as of 2007) includes White Non-Hispanic (95.4 percent), Hispanic (2.0 percent), Black (1.0 percent), two or more races (1.0 percent), American Indian (0.7 percent), and other races (0.7 percent) (Lemay Missouri-City-Data, 2009).

Safety and Transportation

Workers go to work who either use a bus or trolley bus totals 242 (2 percent); used a car alone, 13,167 (84 percent); carpooled, 1,704 (11 percent); walked, 198 (1 percent), and other modes (Lemay Township, 2007). A great number (349 individuals or 2 percent) simply worked at home. Logistics Quotient study conducted by the Expansion Management and Logistics Today ranked St. Louis transportation second (99 percentile) from among 362 metropolitan areas in the US using 10 categories (e.g. local transportation and distribution (T&D) industry, T&D workforce, road infrastructure, road congestion, road conditions, interstate highway access, vehicle taxes, and fees, railroad access, water port access, and air cargo access) (St. Louis, 2009). Private transportation companies offer a variety of transport modes that include shuttle services, bus charter and rental, tours and charters, taxicabs, limousine services, etc. (LocalSearch.com, 2009). Records reveal only two accidents in Lemay: the fatal vehicular accident on February 11, 1998, at Broadway with one fatality (Lemay Missouri-City-Data, 2009) and on July 31, 2005, at Northbound Lemay Ferry Rd., Providence Place with two fatalities (Enough, n.d.).

Lemay has no airport but the nearest one is Lambert-Saint Louis International Airport located in St. Louis, about 15 miles from Lemay (Closest airport, 2009). The nearest Amtrak train station in Lemay is the St. Louis Gateway Station (430 South 15th Street) (Amtrak, 2009) and the 550 S. 16th St. Station (8 miles from Lemay, with wheelchair accessibility, waiting area, free parking, etc.) (Lemay Missouri-Amtrak, 2009), both of which are located in St. Louis.


St. Louis area is served by 9 television channels, 23 telephone companies (excluding voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) providers), and around 9 Internet service providers (ISPs) (Utilities-Internet, n.d.). AT&T is the dominant local exchange carrier. It is also the first ISP in the area (providing Internet access over its phone lines via the digital subscriber lines [DSL]) and followed by Charter Communications (its cable lines deliver broadband access to the Internet). With the introduction of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), digital television service signal is accessed through the IP network infrastructure. St. Louis County (following St. Louis City) collaborated with the County Economic Council for the establishment of a Wi-Fi network with free access. The people of Lemay welcome this move positively. Lemay has three television stations (St. Peters, n.d.) and four cable television providers (superpages.com, n.d.).

Water, Gas, Electricity and Sewage Utilities

The utility needs (e.g. gas, water, electrical, sewage) of Lemay are provided by private companies located in St. Louis (Utilities-Contents, n.d.). The most common Lemay house heating fuels are utility gas (81 percent) and electricity (18 percent) (Lemay Township, 2007). Laclede Gas Company (biggest supplier in Missouri) provides natural gas to more than 630,000 clients ( e.g. residential, commercial, industrial) in St. Louis (Utilities-Contents, n.d.). The residential sector is the highest consumer, followed by the commercial and industrial sector and lastly, transportation.

The Missouri-American Water Company supplies the water needs of 355,000 households and business establishments in St. Louis (Utilities-Contents, n.d.). The Missouri Public Service Commission, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and St. Louis County Department of Health regulate and monitor the quality of the water. The municipal water companies in St. Louis are Eureka (sourcing from three wells) and Kirkwood (sourcing from four wells, the Meramec River, and Missouri-American Water Company). Florissant, Valley Par, and Webster Groves get their water from Missouri-American Water Company.

Ameren Union Electric (AmerenUE) is the electricity provider in St. Louis (Utilities-Contents, n.d.). Its parent company, Ameren, also provides natural gas besides electricity to Missouri and Illinois. As of the year 2001, AmerenUEs customer base is residential (414,220), small business (43,449), and large commercial and industrial establishments. AmerenUEs energy sources for electricity come from fossil fuel (70 percent), nuclear (26 percent), and hydro-power (4 percent).

The Lemay sewage treatment plant is operated by the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) (Sutin, 2009). Its planned expansion costing $94.5 million would increase handling capacity to 220 million gallons a day of sewage in dry weather and 340 million gallons a day in wet weather. The 24-year old concrete clarifier tank bottom will also be replaced. The voters of St. Louis County and City formed the MSD in 1954 and became operational in 1956 (Utilities-Contents, n.d.). Its income comes from user fees and taxes from personal and real properties. Charges for residential and commercial customers are based on water usage (measured by meters). It has eight treatment facilities in St. Louis that include Lemay. The Lemay treatment facility is classified as mechanical with a design capacity of 150 million gallons per day and 122.6 million gallons flow (2001-2002).


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