Kudler Fine Foods Company’s Product Launch Plan

Market needs and Market Growth

Marketing is very important to any organization that wants to thrive, It is used as a tool by the organization to relate to its customers; this is done with the basic aim of the organization deriving benefit from it. This work is focused on the basic aspects of research carried out to enhance the launch of a coffee line of foods by the marketing department of Kudler fine foods in France.

For a successful launch of its new product line which is coffee, Kudler will need to understand the French market into which they are venturing and most importantly the needs of the people or such a market (Beverages). The areas in which the company will carry out research will help the company is targeting the right audience. Kudler, having a desire to expand, but before the expansion, the company will first of all have to carry out research in the market, this will enable the company takes the right decisions. Kudler will have to clearly outline the huddles in the existing beverage market in France. For instance, people are continually been interested in their health; it then shows that they will go for products that put their health first. To be very sure that the decision the company is taking is the right one, Kudler will have to give the customers an opportunity of getting back to the company as regards their product; this alone will increase the response as the customer will feel the company is genuinely interested in their welfare. One important concept the company can utilize is to allow the customers to have a taste of their new coffee produced without paying a dime, it will give them an opportunity of introducing their new product without stress.

Consumer Behavior

The decision of an individual or a consumer to go for a particular product is influenced by a number of factors, which could be; psychological, social, personal, and cultural.

Consumer and Business Markets

The consumer market is a term that is broadly used to refer to individual customers, while the business market is used to refer to organizations as the business customers (Samuel, 2004). A thin line of difference exists between consumer and business markets. Some of such differences are;

  1. The business offering or products to the various markets are dissimilar.
  2. The purchasing power of the business market is greater than that of the consumer market.
  3. Intensive marketing is needed for the consumer market, whereas the market for the business market is, more or less personalized.

Relationship Marketing

Irrespective of the fact that transactional marketing is important for a business organization to deliver its products to the markets, it has some shortcomings in that, it seems to the consumer that a higher premium is placed on the product at the expense of the consumers. It is obvious that at certain stages, it is very difficult to win a customer by merely making him understand that the product you are offering is the best in the market. At that point what is of greatest importance to such a potential customer is the value the organization places on him. It is thus advisable that for organizations to effectively market their products they will need to deliberately get personal with their customers (Asahse, 1996).

Brand Equity

One of the most daunting tasks an organization can ever have to perform is to regain its integrity after a major crisis. A few questions to the management of Ford and Gap will reveal this. There was a landslide decrease in the brand value of Ford in last year’s brand ranking. Ford is not in these ranks alone, other top-ranking brand equity firms like coca-cola have been there before.

And the biggest of all crises was that of the Tylenol pain reliever by Johnson and Johnson when certain amounts of cyanide were detected in some of their capsules. About 29 million packets were withdrawn from the market. The company was able to put its act together and bounce back to the market.

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