Knowledge Management Systems and Technologies


Client data is one of the most important information in the context of a commercial organization. For the systematic approach towards the finalization of all the deals and other aspects of client’s process one should carefully enlist all the client data in proper files. This can be very useful in all the aspects of the organization and also it can be used for future references (Morgan 2005).

The basic function of client data is to discover useful data from massive database. It is immensely useful in the aspects like data preparation, data selection and data cleaning. Client data can be used to incorporate knowledge. It also relieves the work of data mining (Floyd 2007).


Here, all the aspects of a knowledge worker’s job are discussed in a clear way. The different aspects of a knowledge worker’s job know what is necessary for the context of his work; he has to know all the important people in the organization, and also have to know how to carry out complex tasks. Knowing how and where is also very important aspect of the job. Basically knowledge management is mainly based on the correct implementation of knowledge in all the different sectors of an organization (Morgan 2005).

A knowledge worker has to know all the sources and features along with their useful nesses in the organization. They will have to identify all the different people working in the organization as they can be formidable knowledge sources. They also have to know how to carry out the complex tasks of the organization. Analytical tasks like research and developing are some very important aspects of knowledge management. The knowledge manager has to know about the application of all the strategies to balance all the activities, and all the relevant demands of the multiple projects that the company is handling. Another very important task of them will be look and determine all the future possibilities of the organization. This is one of the most important tasks to envision the scenario of the work structure of the company (Floyd 2007).

The first step

There are a number of evaluating points by which we can determine the knowledge management factor of a company along with the all the social capital factors that are included in the process. The most important aspects of social capital are as follows:

  1. The community connection of the organization
  2. All the social steps the organization takes for the improvement of the society
  3. What is the amount of trust that general people show towards the organization? This is one of the very important aspects of information which a company can secure by merging knowledge management along with public relations. This is one of the sides that deal with the credibility of the company in the psyche of the people (Lee 2009).
  4. The value of life, or what are the overall conditions of the employees working in the company.
  5. The work connections of the company, which is the business connections of the company, can be a very important factor in the case (Morgan 2005).

The focus on knowledge management of any organization can be determined by several factors like the organization’s attitude towards the codification and renewed of the knowledge, and the sharing of business intelligence. If a company is careful in the aspect they will surely document the entire outcome and retain it for further use and references. Knowledge management is one variable process. So there can be a number of mistakes. But the mistakes should be seen as opportunities for development (Lee 2009).

Another very important aspect is to involve all the share-holders of the company in the knowledge management process as in many companies the share-holders present in all the decision making meetings. Networking for knowledge management should be regarded as a part of the core business policy (Morgan 2005). The organization has to understand the importance of positive and innovative thinking along with creativity. This will also make the atmosphere inside the organization much more relaxing, and they will go to each other for both help and guidance (Jashapara 2004).


There are not many weaknesses in the knowledge management theory. Basically it is one of the strategies that are designed only for the development of the organization. But, the correct implementation of knowledge management is one of the very important factors to get the right results. Some times wrong implementation of the process can cause harm to the company.

One of the very important aspects of the sphere is the research and development. Most of the organizations have R and D facilities for the development of their products. But as with other types research processes some times the R and D does not able to deliver of the required results. This often causes the organization a huge sum of money (Morgan 2005).


However, we can say that knowledge management is one of the very important aspects of modern corporate agencies. All the big corporate houses are now trying to keep knowledge managers. It has many good facets, and most importantly it goes to give the organization a competitive edge over all the other companies in the market.

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