Investigation Interview by Private Investigator


The first section of the paper covers the introduction part in which the private investigator has been introduced. In the interview section interviewer asked many questions to the private investigator such as the role of the investigator in the investigation process. After this private investigator explains about the basic fundamentals one must follow regarding investigation process which includes securing the scene, questioning the witness, collecting the evidence and information, testifying the witness in the court etc.


The private investigator who is going to be interviewed is Susan Watts who has been in the field for twenty years. Susan Watts has become the private investigator after completing the college days. Before he became an independent investigator he worked in the public defenders office which is situated in Seattle. That organisation got lots and lots of cases but they did not have enough man power to operate. This put an advantage for Susan Watts to join in the organisation. All the cases Susan Watts got initially were considered as interns. Susan watts joined that organisation in 1985. After worked there continously for three years Susan Watts gained some experience and confidence to investigate the cases independently. Later Susan watts got the license to investigate the case single handedly. After that Susan Watts put an office of his own.

Interview and disucsing

How investigation can be defiined?

Investigation can be defined either as an exploration or examination; it can be a study, a survey or any kind of research for finding some information; it can even be an enquiry about a situation or an incident.

Whats the role of a private investigator?

The role is to conduct investigations. It can be for a private citizen, business person, any organisation, attorneys etc. The main pupose is to assit for finding the information or clues. The cases can be civil or criminal.

What is the important thing to keep in mind while carrying out the investigation?

The most important thing is record keeping. This must not be deserted at the time of investigation. If there is no proper record, then every hard work done will go in vain.

What’s the common types of cases the private investigator handle?

The majority of cases are regarding fraud activities in insurance, then the matrimonial disloyalty, property problems, kidnapping cases, identity theft, computer crimes, giving protection to famous people etc.

What’s was the thing you enjoy as investigator?

The thing I enjoy most is talking to the client. Before talking I just read the report that police had prepared, from the attorney’s office. Only after that I will talk to the client. The report from the police may not be hundered percent correct. After that I will talk to the witnesses. There may be some witness the police had ommited.

How the private investigator will Locate and questioning witnesses?

As I mentioned earlier only after talking with client I will talk to witnesses. Here effective communication is needed while talking to witnesses.The most imperative thing is even minuscule thing told by the witnesses must be noted and should not be ignored. Every thing will be recorded. It can be done from our office or from any other place.

How the private investigator will prepare the documents?

After each stage of questioning was over every thing that the client told will be kept as a record for future purpose. It can be a recorded statements, videos etc.

What is meant by Analyzing the problem happened?

Analyzing the problem happened means the study of the incident, identifying the troubles or patterns, or it can be any kind of information, that can be the police report that helps the investigator to solve the problem.

What are the methods of inquiry?

The methods of enquiry depend upon the problem happened. The style of investigation varies for each case. It depends upon the nature of the problem, witness etc.

What is the mindset of the investigator?

An investigator must be very cautious about everything. He should have the ability to think and act accurately. The investigator must always maintain a positive attitude.

Discuss the innovative applications used in investigation process?

Using advanced technology in the investigation has been helpful for the investigators. For example, use of GIS (geographic information system). With this, investigators can view the area where immoral activity has taken place.

In case of a private investigator whats the complicated duty to handle?

The difficult situation is, knowing the person is innocent and making him convicted. That’s very tough.

To become the private investigator, whats the important skill one needs to have?

The most imporatnt thing one needs to have to become the private investigator is lots and lots of patience, a good communication skill and ability to understand the nature of the person by seeing his/her movements.

How one can challenges in the job?

The main challenge is encountering the people who don’t want to talk to us. Also managing different cases at a time.

What are the misunderstanding that prevails among the people about the private investigator?

People all over the world think that the job of the private investigator is very thrilling. People are thinking like that just becase they are watching as such in the movies. But it is not so. The job is very difficult.


The complete paper includes an interview section in which the private investigator explains about the investigation process.

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