Internet Security: Role of Security in the Internet


The world is increasingly depending on the internet for the transfer of very important information used in the running of their businesses. Major multinational businesses are transacting their businesses online. This is because without a doubt internet transactions are instant and time-saving. With technological advances moving transactions faster and reaching the point of mobile money transfers. However, it is noted with great concern that internet security is the main problem facing the world. Cases of fraud by hacking into online platforms have continued to be reported and could bring down the prospects of a safe global online business.

Another issue is the infrastructural development on the internet which is of great disparity between the developed worlds and the developing ones. Developing countries face emanating security issues if they do push towards internet business. Of great concern is their internet infrastructural level which does not conform to the required standards. This paper will attempt to address these controversies by discussing business infrastructure issues and their effect on future internet growth, especially in developing countries.

Role of security in the internet

Internet security involves the guarding of the computer’s account, files, and data from invasion by a virus or an anonymous user (Internetsecurityguide par. 1-7). Security has a lot to do with the safe transaction of online activities, internet activities can be hacked if there are no security measures taken to handle them. Security is therefore very vital in safe-guarding the vital components of internet transactional elements.

Secured computers have their account details hidden such that they cannot be accessed by scammers. In doing this, internet security protects the user’s private and highly sensitive information from leaking to scammers. Another role of internet security is to protect the user from viewing unpleasant pictures, an example is a computer left to children in the house, and an intrusion containing scaring images may appear to them if there are no good security mitigation measures (Smith par. 1-7).


Computer infrastructure is very essential to support the necessary internet security software. The infrastructure includes the servers which need complete security, other networks that access the computer like the wireless networks, and the desktop (Rule Works par. 6). The developed worlds have advanced security systems that enable them to transact major business deals, but this is not the case with the developing world that lags behind with their expertise.

Letting the buyers take all the blame on security and infrastructure is unfair since the producers should also share in the responsibility. Business platforms are used in various places like banks to process money and these transactions contain individual personal identification numbers, which are very sensitive. If they are compromised due to the ignorance of the buyer then this can cause havoc. Leaving it to businesses is also not the best way since internet security is all-inclusive. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the various business sectors to buy the right infrastructure to protect the security of the business. Responsibility should therefore be shared to maximize mitigation measures.

Internet is fast rising as a major global issue. Since with time, more businesses are going into e-commerce. With the knowledge gap between the developed countries and the developing getting smaller and smaller, more businesses are run with internet platforms. The Internet has become important to the global economy. But its future looks bright on the layman’s view though bleak to those who understand internet security issues.

Potential hackers would do anything just to steal (Organisation for economic growth and development par. 4). The potential growth of the world economies depends on safety. Any breach on the platform can cause panic and that’s why the future economies are held at bay.


Internet security is vital in ensuring that the components and infrastructure are protected from access by anonymous individuals. Internet security is therefore very essential in ensuring a safe trading environment. With the criminals sophisticating their techniques day by day and having accepted that they pose a heavy threat to electronic business. In fact, it has been found that fraudsters can access SSL security licenses provided they have a valid credit card.

This has even raised more tension on internet security (ECT News Network pp.1). Some ways of ensuring safe future securities for payments include Rolfe’s published article described as one in which a user is authenticated by two simultaneous networks. He calls it the ‘out-of-band authentication. Another way is the use of the telephone networks as the first one, especially in most banks.

The other way is that proposed by credit card companies like Visa, to have increased scrutiny and are currently pushing for PCI- compliance with other merchants. It, therefore, means that the other way is by PCI compliance. Companies should conduct a Background check on their information technology professionals to reject those with checks. This would help in controlling the recurrence of theft by the noted employees. This should be added to the basic control measures (Tim par. 1-13).


Internet security is essential and its compromise should be mitigated at all fronts. Internet banking is currently rolling down in developing countries; an example is South Africa, a developing country with an E-commerce platform. The business infrastructures are rolling over and quickly expanding. With the introduction of pilot ICT stations, many people are becoming knowledgeable with regards to internet security, and with further developing a strong economic base shall be established. This will help in the development of a secure infrastructure.

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