Internet for Developing Teachers’ Experience

Internet is an essential part of present life. People use Internet for different purposes like entertainment, job search, looking for some information and communication. Using modern technologies in class is one of the main aspects on that every teacher should work towards.

Internet helps the teachers to be organized. Being organized according to Woolfolk (2006) has a positive effect on how the school day will run. Not only will the teacher feel stress free, but the students will also feel at ease and will be more comfortable in the classroom. Internet will help teachers to get teaches materials from the internet which will be useful to the students. They are also able to see what teachers in other school use for their students because internet allows sharing of information.

Woolfolk (2006) explains that internet enhances the teacher’s expertise. The Internet has a rich source of information for students and teachers. Students may find lots of information for their classes and research papers (Wong & Wong, 2009). Internet also gives some information about new ways of teaching, new approaches and methods of teaching. It is also a source of fresh ideas dealing with improving the work in class.

Internet is important because it is used to create a safe haven where students can explore their respective experiences. Internet communication can also be used to create a connection among teachers and student teachers. Teachers may give some tasks in Internet, as there are a lot of websites with exercises dealing with such exercises (Wong & Wong, 2009). Using Internet in class helps to vary the assignments, to make the work in class more vivid and interesting for students. Technology is dynamic and thus there are always lots of new information which can be useful for teachers and students.

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