How Service Delivery and E-Service Bring Value to the Customer?

Customer satisfaction is and should always be the priority of any business. Without customers, there is no business. Delivery of services to customers is a very crucial bridge for any business and the operations management still must put in place strategies that would ensure quality delivery of services to customers. Through quality delivery of services, customer’s value to the business is added in that the business gets the opportunity to maintain their customers now that competition for markets is on the rise. The whole idea of service delivery is to build customer producer relationships through the provision of training services to service providers. To reinforce the application of these skills, the operations manager has to take the initiative to instruct the performance and examine feedback from customers themselves.

E-service may be described as the use of information technology to facilitate the relation between producers/suppliers and customers. It involves the use of electronics to communicate to customers mainly on the availability of certain products, information on their delivery, and other customer-producer related matters. Any business that applies the use of E-service facilitates customer value by involving them in the service operations where they get the chance to express their views on the quality of the services offered as well as other services such as delivery. The business gains by having access to a broader customer base and thus increasing its market. Additionally, customers are offered various communication channels that are easy to use and to get immediate feedback. The businesses are also in a better position to increase their services to customers. The customers are also allowed to know more about the products they buy (Nash and Susan 1).

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