Healthcare Processes: Improvements and Practice

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Every medical facility should strive to improve its healthcare process, productivity, and efficiency. It is vital to use various methods that allow to develop the quality of care and organize the processes in such a way that it becomes more pleasurable for the people to work in healthcare. In this essay, I will write about a couple of methods that can contribute to healthcare process improvements and practice as a health practitioner. I will consider what steps can be taken to enhance the quality of a hospital radiology procedure that can be applied in hospitals.

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One of the ways that hospitals can use to make healthcare processes more effective is to provide patients with technologies for remote healthcare, such as medical mobile apps and telemedicine. Strategic planning, as the process of “establishing the goals, objectives, policies, procedures, methods, and rules necessary to achieve the purposes of the organization”, helps to integrate the methods in healthcare practice (Nowicki, 2015, p. 1). The remote techniques of healthcare can be used to provide a timelier treatment for people, reduce the cost of intervention, and, as a result, improve the quality of care. Patients may use apps to detect a correlation between their condition and medication interactions or bad practices to make decisions on how to improve their health. On-call doctors can provide health care directives through video chat, email, or mobile phones to a patient anywhere.

One of the types of healthcare processes is a diagnostic radiology service called computed tomography (CT) scanner. It is a medical imaging device that takes an x-ray tube and goes all the way around the patient, so it takes a picture of every angle. It is necessary to use CT scanners with low radiation doses to make the scanner safer. The manufactures have been working on new technology to reduce the amount of radiation used, so it is vital to check for updates.


There are many ways how a hospital can improve its services and how you, as a health practitioner, can enhance your ability to provide appropriate and consistent care to patients. Medical mobile apps and telemedicine allow patients to get access to hospital services remotely. The high quality of CT scanners can also make hospital processes more efficient. Being a health worker means being a professional, and high-quality methods are the basic premises of a profession.


Nowicki, M. (2015). Introduction to the financial management of healthcare organizations (6th ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

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