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Organizational culture is very important for any ambitious company as it helps a company to achieve the best results in its activities, attract the largest number of customers and the most skillful workers (Keyton, p.23). In this essay we will examine the organizational culture of such a successful and organization as Google in order to see which of the aspects of its organizational culture helped Google to develop from a local company into one of the largest in the world. This company attracts me personally because its organizational culture is strong and must be studied by new companies that wish to achieve the same success (Babson, p. 61).

Organizational culture of Google appeals to me because work for Google is the experience of work in a great company. This proves that the organizational culture of the company is strong because companies without it can not reach any considerable success. Secondly, Google’s policy towards its employees applies to me as Google bases its recruitment not on some prejudice but on the educational record of the person and his or her working experience. This is a very positive feature that allows to hope that work in Google will be pleasure and will not be disturbed by any organizational misunderstandings (Vise, p.27).

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One more important thing that predetermined my choice of Google as the organization the culture of which applies to me was that Google share the same values that I do. To be specific, I like that one of the values of Google is the individual freedom of its employees and liberal working conditions. For example, Google workers can bring their pets to work and enjoy free snacks during a working day. Another value of Google is that preference in employment is given to people who have better education and skills that those who are promoted by somebody. This value allows Google to employ only the best talents whose work can bring the company to the higher level of its development (Vise, pp. 33 – 43).

So that to make the essay more specific, certain examples will be not out of place here. It is widely accepted that the organizational culture of any company consists of 7 basic points that are considered to be fundamental for the company’s success. These points are as follows:

  • Discipline;
  • transparency;
  • independence;
  • accountability;
  • responsibility
  • fairness;
  • social responsibility (Vise, p. 123).

Google displays conformity with almost all the points of the above enumerated. Such point as transparency, independence and accountability are well-developed in the company. Every scientist or researcher can do a case study of company’s activities from the information that is publicly available. This covers all the activities of the company except its financial information which is secret, as well as in all other companies.

The sections of the company are quite independent from each other and from 5the executive authorities of the company, thus it is impossible to become dominant for any section of Google Company. Accountability of Google is demonstrated by the first two points as it allow managers to make the necessary information public and preserves the independence of the company’s departments. Responsibility is one of the basic values of the company as far as every member of Google Corporation is responsible to each other and to the managerial staff which, in its turn, is responsible to the executive authorities of the company.

At the same time, social responsibility is displayed by Google as far as the company tries to conform to all expectations and wishes of its customers, shareholders and employees, as well as to be useful and non-harmful to the society in any sense (Vise, pp.45 – 49).

Thus, the organizational culture of Google can be called a strong one. It is proved by the zero turnover of employees in the company for several past years and by the great success that company achieved for the last decade. Moreover, majority of prestigious university graduates want to work for Google and the customer base of this company is constantly increasing. This organizational culture can be called customer responsive and ethical, as the company aims at acquiring more customers and further development of its markets (Vise, pp.76 – 77).


To conclude, I can say that the organizational culture of Google is rather strong. The company’s values are individual freedom, transparency, fairness and creativity. Google conforms to all 7 basic point of organizational culture and is an attractive place of employment for graduates from many prestigious educational establishments.

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