Google Corporation – Company Analysis


Google Corporation is an American company that provides one of the most powerful search engines in the world. It processes around 70% of all online searches over the world. Apart from its main function, Google also provides a wide range of other services. For instance, Books, GPS navigation, translation, YouTube, Play Music, Pictures, e-mail and so on. As for its workflow, it is considered innovative. The company hires people regardless of education and experience. Google does not have any strict rules; instead, it gives the employees space for self-realization (Horsh & Hall, n.d.).

The Company Structure

The internal structure of the company consists of three levels: Administrative Google Company, Executive Google Company, and Operational Google Company. The first level includes experienced professionals in charge of the administrative work along with the positions of Chairman, CEO, and President. The second level consists of the heads of departments and professionals who fulfill executive functions. The third level includes the professionals who specialize in a particular field. They are technicians, programmers, engineers, analysts and so on (see pic. 1). Also, strong partnerships are very important for Google, as a major source of income comes from advertising. Google is the most preferred search engine for more than a decade now (Horsh & Hall, n.d.).

The Company’s Problems and Inefficiencies

However, Google being such a successful company also faces different problems and inefficiencies. One of the problems is the decrease in revenue, as the company has slowed its growth. Another problem is that the sphere of payments and commerce does not fulfill its full potential. It can make customers refuse from Google’s services and choose other trading sites. One more problem is that although Google adheres to certain positive values, such as freedom, quickness, and openness, it can lead to the violation of privacy and the problems with security (Levy, 2014).

The Solutions to the Problems

There are new technologies that can help the company solve its problems. For instance, the creation of new services, such as Google Home that uses the technology of a smart speaker, can help accelerate the growth rates. The technology of Blockchain can help solve the problem with electronic payments. As for the security problems, they can be solved with the help of an application called Quantum cryptography (Curty, 2014). The solution to the problem of the decrease in revenue is the improvement of Google Home service that was launched in 2016. It is a smart speaker that performs tasks, plans different activities, finds answers to different questions and entertains. However, additional functions must be implemented in order to compete with the Echo project. Blockchain technology is digital payment system. This technology helps significantly reduce the transaction costs, saves the information about all the transactions, and provides an instant money transaction to any part of the world. Implementing this technology in Google Store will attract consumers who make online purchases (see pic. 2) (Ammous, 2016). Quantum cryptography is the technology that makes data and communication confidential and secure. This technology can help Google programmers create codes that are a tough break (Brassand, 2016).

The Implementation Concerns

Nevetheless, the stakeholders should keep in mind that the implementation of Blockchain technology without the assessment of its benefits and drawbacks can lead to disappointment with the results. The implemented technology is focused only on customers; therefore, it will not affect the employees. However, it can influence some aspects of the company’s operation. Among the possible drawbacks will be the absence of customers’ trust, as the technology is new. Also, the economic drawbacks, such as irreversibility, redundancy, security, and scaling should be kept in mind (Nair & Sebastian, 2017).


Google is one of the biggest and the most successful corporations in the world. However, it also has certain problems and inefficiencies. The decrease in growth, the problem with the online payment system, and the problems with security are the most prominent. Nevertheless, the improvement of Google Home and the introduction of new technologies, such as Blockchain and Quantum cryptography can help solve the problems of the company.


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