Google Company’s Profile and Reason to Work There

Google is the most popular search engine. Google search engine is popular for its ease of use. Formed in 1998, Google has grown to be a multinational company with a presence in most countries. Google was created by two friends, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, while they were students at Stanford University (Farfan par 3). The two saw the need to organize information and make information search easy. The company’s mission statement clearly suggests the kind of business that Google intended to be involved in. The company’s mission statement is to organize information and make it easily accessible. The company has lived to this mission by coming up with creative products to make information search easy.

Google is mainly involved in providing information search and advertising services. Apart from a search engine, Google has other products such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Youtube (Farfan par 5). Gmail, the company’s email service has emerged to be among the most popular email services. Almost all Google products are offered free of charge. However, the company earns its income from advertisements placed through its platform.

Google started mainly as a search engine company. However, the company has expanded its operations in the recent past. The company has expanded its scope to web-based applications through the acquisition of 2Web Technologies, Jotspot, and Zenter (Farfan par 7). The company has also strengthened its position as a search and advertising company by acquiring such companies as YouTube, Feedburner, and DoubleClick.

Despite its successes in the last twelve years, Google faces some challenges in its operation. The current major challenge is cyber attacks. Cyber attacks, especially from china have been featured in news from most media. Currently, the company threatens to withdraw from China if the attacks do not come to an end (Arrington par 3). According to recent news, it was alleged that the company was 95 percent sure to withdraw from China market.

Reason to Work at Google

Google is one of a few companies that one would like to work in. The company’s organizational structure and culture are one of the best in the world. The company is mainly structured into teams. A worker at Google is organized into teams that work on various assigned or voluntary projects (Sherman 23). Unlike working teams in other companies, individuals have the freedom to choose a team that he or she wants to work with. An individual also has the freedom to choose a project to work on. Unlike other companies that have a hierarchical leadership structure, at Google, every individual is considered to be a leader. Leadership in project teams often passes from one team member to another.

Google is the right company to work in. The company respects the need for personal growth. The company motivates its employees to be innovative. For example, the company encourages its employees to dedicate twenty percent of their time to individual projects (Sherman 48). Apart from this, the company recognizes and rewards individual exceptional contributions to the company.

Working at Google is fun. Google’s organizational culture is one that makes working to be enjoyable. The company does not have a lot of unnecessary formality. For instance informal, but decent clothes are allowed in the company. Working in comfortable clothes makes innovation easy and the job more enjoyable. The ability to carry snacks and pets and social facilities such as gyms at work make the workplace enjoyable (Sherman 71). Besides, working at Google creates a great opportunity for growth. The company is considered to be the most innovative company in the world, working for Google creates a great opportunity for personal growth as the company grows.

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