Food Habits: Term Definition


In this period every people are very conscious about their health. Many factors influence health. Major factors are food, exercise, and mental attitude. To keep life food is essential. Each person has a food habit. It depends on their country, culture, and financial status. Mainly there are two types of food systems in the world, vegetarian food, and nonvegetarian food. Some prefer vegetarian food, some others prefer nonvegetarian food, and another group uses vegetarian as well as nonvegetarian food. We can adopt any type of food system.

Needs for nutritious foods, exercise and positive attitude

To keep healthy, one must take a healthier food system. Healthier foods mean nutritious foods. To take nutritious foods, everyone should have an idea about different types of food which he prefers in his life and identify the nutritious food among his menu. “Brined described a nutrient-dense infant feed as one composed of milk protein, peanut butter, oil, and sugar and fortified with vitamins and minerals. By contrast, in the cancer prevention literature, vegetables and fruit are classified as being nutrient-dense, whereas the presence of oil and sugar would be enough to classify a food as being nutrient-poor.” (Drewnowski, 2005).

By accepting nutritious food, one can live long years without medicine. It is the major advantage of nutritious food, for that one must include more fruits and vegetables in his food and avoid junk food, fatty foods, fast foods, etc. Junk foods, fatty foods, and fast foods are not good for the health. Compare to nutritious foods, junk foods contain more sweet, salt and oil. The high amount of Sweet, salt, and oil is the basic reason for the diseases like hypertension, heart disease like heart attack, and diabetes, respectively. Junk foods contain fewer amounts of vitamins and minerals than other foods. Compare with many other foods, junk foods are easier to prepare. But it has many disadvantages. It is very costly and less nutritious. Junk foods contain preservatives, colors, and other chemicals. Also, junk foods are prepared not by using fresh meats. And oil used for preparing junk foods is used again and again for the preparation. These badly affect health. (Fast food and junk food, (n.d)).

This may cause the disease like cancer. Like junk foods, fatty foods also badly affect one’s health. Our body needs fat. But it is in a certain amount. If we take fatty foods, execs fat store in our body. It leads to obesity and chronic diseases.

Exercise is also an important factor in one’s healthy life. Exercise helps us to get a long life without medicine. But exercise must do regularly. The words of Krishnan Bakhru make it clear when he says, “The heart-beats of an athlete do not increase appreciably even when doing something requiring physical exertion, and revert very soon to the normal rate afterward. In contrast, even a little exertion sends the pulse rate of a sedentary individual rocketing up, and it takes time for the heart to settle down to its normal rate of beating.” (Bakhru, 2009).

Regular exercise helps to reduce the excess cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol is a major reason for different diseases. It also causes overweight. Regular exercise helps to burn the excess cholesterol and toxic substances from our bodies. It also helps develop stronger muscles, improve the efficiency of the digesting system, open the pores in the skin, and also helps to the proper functioning of the respiratory system. So exercise is essential not only for fat people but also for slim people. “As exercise improves your overall fitness and reduces your risk of developing many major diseases, regular physical activity can greatly improve your life expectancy. It can also give you a better quality of life in your later years by helping you stay active and social.” (Exercise: Advantages of exercise, 2007).

Like nutritious food and exercise, a positive attitude is an important factor in one’s healthy life. A positive attitude is essential for mental growth. If a person keeps a positive attitude, he will win in his life. A positive attitude helps to think positively. That led us to make a suitable decision. Positive thinking helps to avoid tensions and stress from life. It improves self-confidence. And self-confidence leads to success. Reading books and good friendships help to crate a positive attitude—also, yoga and meditation help to create a positive attitude in mind. According to Napoleon Hill, “When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.” (Khurana, 2009). A person who has a positive mind will think like Napoleon.


Nutritious food, regular exercise, and a positive mentality are the basic things for a healthier life. Based on the above-mentioned factors, a nutritious food system means foods that contain enough vitamins, minerals, and other essential things. Moreover, nutritious food contains very less amount of salt, sugar, and oil. Vegetables and fruits are nutritious foods items. Junk foods and fatty foods, fast foods, snacks, etc., are dangerous for the health. Regular exercise is good medicine. And positive attitude will help lead to a successful and happy life.


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