Fitness Center: Personal Business Plan

Vision and Opportunity

In regard to my goals – I envision myself as a business owner in the near several years after graduating. I have a plan to start a business of my own and develop it by dedicating my resources to it. Specifically, the business would be a fitness center that I plan to gradually develop from a small gym.

My mission is to grow and develop a business aiming at improving health and wellness of my future clients following their needs and maximizing profit for further expansion. In that way, the primary purpose will be based on my personal value of health, fitness, and wellness; also, it will be directly linked to my intention to make my business more popular, thus stimulating its growth.

My 3 key questions are:

  • What is the occupation that inspires me?
  • How can I help others?
  • What should I know to become successful?

As specified earlier, wellness and fitness industry is the market that aligns with my goals. In terms of opportunities, I can see that many people today require guidance in terms of self-management, coping with stress, healthy lifestyle choices, and structured living. I would like to help people find clarity in this hectic life and remain happier and healthier.

Marketing and Implementation Strategy

As a future employee and a potential business owner, I intend to be sensitive to the needs of my customers and put people at the center of my services. I also intend to approach all business tasks and operations in which I am involved with utmost responsibility and thoughtfulness, and ensure life-long learning and self-improvement as a professional and as a person.

I can offer integrity and dedication to my mission aiming at serving the needs of people willing to stay healthy. Also, I can offer my passion for learning and self-improvement as a professional in order to stay at the top of the competition.

I intend to develop such points of difference as more sophisticated skills, a broader range of professional knowledge and personal interests, as well as thoughtful approach based on respect, inclusion, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

Risks and Mitigation


  • Completing education and additional business courses that I may decide to take.
  • Becoming a business employee and studying the practical sides of owning a business
  • Reading latest business news and tendencies to stay aware of the contemporary business environment and feeling prepared to start a business
  • Finding resources for the future business
  • Starting the business and launching promotion strategies

My milestones are measureable; I plan to evaluate my level of success based on my own knowledge and feedback of experienced business people whose support I have.

My potential business could be negatively and positively affected by changes in economy and business laws favoring or threatening it. Also, customers’ preferences and tastes could make a serious impact. In the latter case, I would adjust my aims and performance in response to the social trends and choices.

In the past, I have experienced a failure due to being unable to meet a customer’s needs and miscommunication that I handled unethically and left unsolved. Now, I am aware how important ethics is in business in relation to both clients and employees and plan to employ ethical principles to honest communication, reporting mistakes, reimbursement, and conflict resolution.

If I could choose any three people to guide and mentor me in my journey, I would pick my father for he is a very wise man (and I am happy that I already have his support), and two world renowned businessmen Warren Buffet and Jack Ma, because their good-natured attitudes and kind intentions motivate me to dedicate myself to making the world better and serving the people.

6 words: “determined leader, creative decision-maker, thoughtful caregiver”.

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