Eurostar Company: Mass Transportation

Mass transportation involves the transportation of many people from one destination to another, carried in a combination of vehicles or single vehicle such as subways, light rail systems, trains or even buses. This type of transportation of a large numbers of people is more efficient in the UK and Europe compared to the one found in the United States. For instance the use of Eurostar in Europe and UK makes mass transportation in the UK and Europe more efficient. (Svetlozar, 1998).

The Eurostar is a company that deals in the mass transportation using a high speed train. The Eurostar high speed train operates between different cities all the way through countries in Europe. It operates through London, Paris and Brussels making it easy to travel to these cities faster and convenient (Rail Travel to Europe, 2009).

The high speed train which runs on a high speed network of lines travels at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour making it to be always be on time. Eurostar Company has a schedule that enables the passengers to know what time the train will arrive or depart, as well as the particular place the train is at particular time. The schedule is always on time with a rate of about 90 percent. The Eurostar company is having some delays recently because the London subway system which is also called the Underground is undergoing construction, there is a massive project that is being done on its expansion causing the delay, but most of the time it’s always on time.

In the United States, the mass transportation is not as efficient as the one in Europe and UK. This is because in the United States the ground mass transportation is not found in most places or widespread compared to the one in Europe which connects three cities in different countries through different terminal points.

For instance, the Eurostar high speed train covers cities like Lille, Paris in France as well as London in UK and Brussels in Greece among other stopping points between these cities. The lack of nationwide passenger system of train in most states in the U.S makes the ground mass transportation inefficient (Gerondeau, 1997).

The lack of an efficient mass transportation in the form of high speed train connecting different places makes it traveling to other parts of the country more tiresome and takes much time on the road. This is because for one to travel from one part of the country to another he or she will be forced to drive the whole distance taking much time. The use of airplane can also cause inconveniences to a person as delays may be experienced in the airport because of the security measures that have been enforced in airports to counter the issue of insecurity.

Mass transportation in the US is less efficient compared to other Europe countries like UK, France and Greece. These has made traveling from one place to another within the county or even outside more inconvenient and time consuming. The use of airplane can be faster but due to the new security laws on security measures in airports, it has made traveling through the airplane more time consuming. Passengers are forced to undergo serious security checks both on their luggage and themselves at the airport so as to make sure that no insecurity cases are reported or entering the country. This has made the passengers to take much time traveling compared to the use of the high speed train like the Eurostar used in Europe.


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