Ethics in Business Environment


Ethics can be applied in any profession. Basically, ethics denote set of laws or moral systems that provide a basis for discerning whether an action is correct or erroneous. Corporate social responsibility and ethical managements cannot operate independently. Rather, they work simultaneously and are incorporated in company values and goals within a specified period of time. In the business environment, these two variables operate as single system that interacts and overlaps within flexible limits. Therefore, activities aimed at promoting either of them must incorporate the other. McDonalds Fast Food Company and Chipotle have managed to maintain innovativeness and commitment to quality in products delivered to clients. Besides, the companies have participated in series of corporate social responsibility activities through ethical managerial commitments.

Business environment often experience dynamics and swings which create short and long term effect on management decisions made by the trusted managers. In the process, it is essential to incorporate corporate social responsibility in order to build a permanent and friendly relationship with the surrounding communities. In the contemporary society, it has become a condition to exercise proactive corporate social responsibility and ethics among managers. Thus, organizations endeavor to activate this aspect by designing management strategies that incorporate corporate social responsibility and ethical management depending on the community of operations. These managers are expected to merge company goals and issues such as social responsibility, sustainability, and ethics to balance financial growth and needs of the community. This is based on ethical management skills and activities that aim at giving back to the society.

Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance

Topic Issue

This paper will examines the ethical code that is laid down structures to keep staff in healthy and stable mind in their duty of serving the interests of a business as significant in promoting the regulatory ethical communication models. These models are the motivation to acquire, bond, comprehend, and defend.

Theoretical perspective

Human process based intervention strategies are presented as directed at making an improvement to the general state of relationships between individuals and within and among groups in an organizational set up. Therefore, the elements of moral responsibility should be dynamic to accommodate the aspect of free will in exercising moral responsibility (Bazerman & Moore 2009).

Code of conduct

Companies should have strong ethical principles that guide other employees when carrying out their duties. The ethical code consists of laid down structures to keep staff in healthy and stable mind in their duty of serving the interests of the restaurant through regulatory ethical communication models. These models are the motivation to acquire, bond, comprehend, and defend. The levels of moral responsibility within a company should have three building blocks of learning consisting of a supportive learning environment, concrete learning processes, and practices leadership that reinforce innovation. This culture is meant to create an ideal climate for innovation and communication among the employees. These rules appreciate diversity and uphold integrity in judgment (Carroll & Buchholtz 2011).


McDonalds Fast Food Company

McDonalds Fast Food Company has realized that promotion of its products is not merely an advertising function but a responsibility in promoting community participation in trust funds and projects (McDonalds 2012). The company will be discussed within the scope of corporate governance and ethics.

Chipotle Restaurant

The restaurant has rolled out annual campaigns on giving back to the community through sponsoring mobile health camps where free medical services are offered to the community (Chipotle Mexican Grill 2013). This strategy will be related best corporate social responsibility initiatives within the scope of corporate governance ethics.

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