Employee Performance Management and Development


Factors causing the employee’s dissatisfaction

For customers to perform very well in an organization, employees must be satisfied in their jobs. Job satisfaction enhances the performance of employees in every organization and it also motivates the employees in their work. There are many factors which are causing employee’s dissatisfaction, for example the management style imposed by the senior managers or employer of the organization. The employer has isolated himself from the employees hence leaving a communication vacuum which is detrimental to the organization. Employees of this organization are being overworked and the work they are doing is not well compensated. Job dissatisfaction in this particular organization has been influenced mostly by the absurd behaviors of the employees. The relationship between the employees and the employer is not good enough to make the employees love their job (Stewart and Brown, 2008).

Factors which can be addressed with the improvements in the organization

Managers should share information with other employees even though they are their juniors; this will effectively open up the knowledge of employees and help in lifting up their morals. Sharing of information in the organization empowers employees and it helps them to engage in development strategies. The other factor which can be addressed by the organization is the remuneration factor. Employees should not be victimized regardless of their job caliber (Stewart and Brown, 2008). They should be well remunerated so as to boost their spirits hence increasing productivity. The allowances and salaries should be in tandem with the organizations growth and development.

The considerations Malik should take tomorrow regarding to his employee

Malik as an employer should open up the communication channels between him and his employee so as to get the root cause of the crisis, by so doing the employee will open up and hence help the employer to solve the riddle. Sharing information about the organization with his employee, Malik will ensure that his employee has the perfect picture of the organization and is updated to what that is happening, thus feeling as being part of the organization. It is important for Malik to make sure that he develops a new and well formulated remuneration structure for his employees. To boost the employee’s morale Malik should change his attitude and behave more nobly to his employees.

Long-term changes for the organization

The way in which employees perceive their superiors can impact their productivity either positively or negatively depending on the superiors’ behaviors (Stewart and Brown, 2008). Therefore, it is important for Malik to develop proper mannerisms towards his employees for him to win their trust and confidence. Malik should also reconsider his management strategies in order to involve all his employees in the decisions made for the betterment of the organization.

Policies and programs that would support development programs within the organization

The management should develop plans that are of benefit to the employees not just being business oriented. The employees should be treated as assets to the organization and not as liabilities; this will ensure that the employees are satisfied with their job since the employer is taking notice of their work. The organization should also develop plans that offer incentives to employees for a certain achievement. The organization must consider programs that improve employees and employer engagement, hence improving the relations at work, which will enhance the growth of the organization. It is the responsibility of the organization to train its employees for them to have proper skills and expertise they require for the tasks they are required to perform (Stewart and Brown, 2008). Finally, the organization should ensure that there is flexibility in the workplace; such a policy will ensure that employees enjoy what they are doing.


Stewart, G., & Brown, K. (2008) Human resource management (1st Ed.): Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.

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