Employee Morale and Management

In my research proposal, I will be discussing employment morale, what specifically it entails and what the steps are in achieving the best morale possible.

When considering a work environment, either a business, a corporation, or any other company, it is important to consider the moral attitude of the employees. There are two perspectives one must consider. One comes from an employee’s point of view and the other one is the employer’s. An employee must feel the security and support of their employer. They have to be able to rely on the manager or the director and in case there are any issues, feel free and secure to raise questions needed for resolving the matter. Often, employees feel unable to discuss certain aspects of the job and continue to work in unacceptable conditions. This creates more problems because if there is a problem that is not dealt with promptly then it will surface later and cause even more issues. The employee usually comes to an already established organization and so, they do not have to participate in the organizational matters of the job. They expect a certain level of respect and conditions. Usually, there is a package that is offered to the employee that outlines their rights, conditions of employment, and benefits.

The other perspective, which is extremely important, is the manager’s or employer’s view and organization on the workplace. They have a direct responsibility towards the employees, as well as other organizational mechanisms. They have to provide a working environment free of stress and safety hazards. But another factor that plays a major role in the relationship between the employees and the employer. The manager has to make sure that the employees feel comfortable and confident working in the organization. They have to be motivated to do their jobs, as the success of the company depends directly on their input. One of the ways to make sure that employees take a responsible and proactive approach towards the work is to establish a reward system, which would increase the potential earnings depending on the amount of work done. A lot of times this option is unavailable and the employer simply has other benefits or gratuities that reward the employees. A commonplace occurrence is to have monthly meetings where everyone participates and is free to voice their opinion, as well as suggestions in bettering the shared goal and work of the company. It is important to not be judgmental and too strict, as employees might get discouraged to offer their ideas out of the fear of being put down or punished. But at the same time, an employee cannot be too lenient, as it will make the work atmosphere too relaxed and people will think that they can take advantage of the management or organization. An effective manager has to make sure that employees know what is expected of them because it gives them a work structure. It also makes the feedback easier, as the manager will be able to clearly outline the aspects that need more work or correction. Role division is crucial since it leads to a more effective workforce. The employer must know what each of his employees is capable of and where they can apply themselves best. A good manager is one who listens well and works together with the employees and not above them.

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