Emirates Airlines and Its Importance for the UAE


During the last several decades, the whole world has been observing the fast development of the Gulf region and the United Arab Emirates in particular. The success of the region is beyond any questions or doubts due to its flexible and decentralized administrative system and the possibilities to divide governmental responsibilities properly (Al-Rashed). Besides, many powerful organizations bring several benefits in different fields, including finance, economy, trade, and public relations. Emirates Airlines is a well-known international company that is located in Dubai and has many positive effects on the UAE and the region. Emirates Airlines has already made certain achievements in the sphere of aviation and showed the most effective ways of having comfortable travels with a minimum of efforts. Despite numerous regional troubles and unpredictable changes in global economies, the company achieved progress in business and saved its ambitions and values (Emirates). However, the potential of the company, as well as the UAE, has not been discovered fully yet. Therefore, Emirates Airlines is ready to develop and improve its work to become one of the best contributors to the UAE’s global success. This research paper aims at discussing the work and the latest achievements of Emirates Airlines and its effects on the UAE and the region as one of the most successful companies in global aviation.

Emirates Airlines Background

Emirates Airlines was founded in 1985 after the meeting of Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum and Tim Clark during which the perspectives of the aviation business and luxury in it were discussed (Emirates). The peculiar feature of this company is the intention to introduce the best services and underline the importance of high quality from the very beginning without developing low price policies, discounts, or special offers to new customers. The goal of the Emirates’ work was and is to offer comfortable air transportation for people and their cargoes. The company tries to offer its services online and face-to-face using current technological progress and opportunities. The core of the company is to give the best to all people and provide them with a chance to choose. Being owned by the government, Emirates Airlines has already become the world’s largest carrier, and the key to its success is the ability to never relax its grip on manufacturers, employees, and personal ambitions (Campbell). From the beginning, Emirates supported the ideas of future growth, the prosperity of the services offered to all people, and the recognition of the Arab culture without imposing it. In other words, the passengers of Emirates could enjoy the beauty of the Arab world but avoid all those cultural differences and specifications demonstrating their interests and attitudes.

Organizational Changes of the Company

Domestic traveling defined by Emirates Airlines as the main focus of the company was a successful decision. It helped to gather a certain client base and introduce high-quality services in terms of one organization. In the UAE, each emirate has its style and supports the approaches chosen by its people (Al-Rashed). It seems that it is hard to unite several regions and make them think about using one direction but different goals. Each emirate is a unique combination of attitudes and ambitions, and Dubai is characterized by its successful foreign management and intentions to cooperate with non-citizens (Al-Rashed). As an international company, Emirates tries to follow all crucial rules and requirements for management. In addition to the recognition of customers’ needs and social expectations, Emirates focuses on the development of its employees and the relations on a local level with other UAE companies and an international level with different countries. At the same time, as one of the main Gulf-based carriers, Emirates Airlines participates in sponsoring various events, sports teams, cultural festivals, and international meetings to enhance its image and improve the connection with customers (Alpen Capital Investment Banking 8).

Emirates’ Effects on the UAE and the Region

Being one of the most popular airline companies in the world, Emirates has some positive effects on the UAE and the development of the region. First of all, the company is a part of the aviation sector of the country that brought approximately $26,7 billion to the Dubai economy in 2013 and is going to increase these numbers, as well as the number of jobs, in 2020 (Tadros). Therefore, positive economic effects cannot be neglected. More than 35% of the country’s GDP depends on the work of airline companies, and Emirates plays an important role in this sector.

Another significant factor includes culture and traditions promoted by Emirates Airlines. Even though it is an international company with several people working in different parts of the world, Emirates has its style and image that is recognizable worldwide. Its passengers may speak different languages and follow their traditions. Still, when they are on board of Emirates, they can observe the peculiar features of the Arab world and enjoy its beauty from different perspectives.

Then, it is possible to discuss the employment factor of Emirates. More than 56,000 people work in the company at the moment. They are the citizens of Dubai, as well as the citizens of other countries where Emirates’ offices are located. The UAE and the whole region benefit a lot from the company because more people can find good places to work. Because it is a governmental organization, several HR questions are solved with the help of Emirates.

Finally, the advertisements for Emirates Airlines and the number of people who are eager to use this company as its main carrier demonstrate its current success. For example, the participation of Jennifer Aniston is one of the Emirates’ campaigns that attract the attention of many people. Such choice proves the possibility to neglect all cultural and political concerns and explain aviation as a means of transportation but not a necessity to solve problems or create new limitations. Emirates Airline is a chance to connect as many people as possible, and new flights launched in India and Afghanistan help the UAE establish its relations with some developing countries.


In general, Emirates Airlines has already achieved a lot and promoted the success of the UAE and the region. Its organizational changes and the possibilities to develop international relations help the UAE be recognized as one of the most successful and prosperous countries in the whole world. Emirates Airlines is the face of the UAE. Its standards and results impress many airline companies worldwide. Therefore, the effects of Emirates on the UAE cannot be neglected but defined as a good example for other UAE and regional companies to follow.

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