Consumer Behavior: How People Make Buying Decisions?

Consumer Behavior Model: Environmental Factors

Numerous environmental factors have an influence on the decision-making process of customers. Two significant external factors are the most relevant to the customers of flat-screen TVs. Economic factors are extremely influential in customer decisions. The current price of the product and the overall economic situation in the country are among those factors. Customers look for the right time to purchase because prices often vary. Family is a quite impactful external factor. Preferences of family members are important when buying such products. Social status is also an extremely significant external factor because society has an enormous influence on the decision-making process of customers. There are many alternatives to a flat-screen TV that are much cheaper, so it cannot be called a necessary product. However, some clients give preference exactly to this product because it is a sign of high social status.

Consumer Behavior Model: Consumer Factors

Age is one of the most important consumer factors because the preferences of a person change dramatically over time. One product cannot satisfy all the customers most of the time, so it is of huge importance to focus on a particular group of buyers. The occupation of a consumer also plays a significant role in decision-making. People that work at certain jobs do not need to buy such a product. Similarly, the personality of consumers is also crucial because it directly influences what kind of product they want to buy or the brand they want to choose. Other consumer factors are quite significant. Cummins states that “the impact of trust on online customer behavior continues to be one of the central issues facing online marketers” (178). This means that the influence of different factors is being researched to have a better understanding of consumer behavior.

Role of Involvement in Consumer Decision-making

A consumer is often very involved in the purchase of a flat-screen TV because it is not a cheap product. It can be called a high involvement purchase. A particular type of customer behavior is associated with making such purchases. Most of the consumers carefully investigate characteristics of a flat-screen TV such as the screen size, vertical resolution, and refresh rate. Many brands produce similar products, and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages that are analyzed by clients. Furthermore, customers choose the flat-screen TV very wisely. It is necessary to know how a certain customer makes decisions, and it is necessary to investigate different groups of clients and their decision-making styles (Karimi, Papamichail, and Holland 137). Overall, it is necessary to develop the content that takes account of consumer behavior to gain an advantage over competitors.

Consumer Decision-making Process

There are various ways marketing can influence the decision-making process of a customer. It is important to advertise the product properly and promote its unique qualities to have an advantage over competitors when a consumer identifies a need for such a product during the first step of the purchase process. A company should provide enough information about the product on the Internet, and it will allow consumers to have access to all the information that interests customers during their research. It is important to have different models of flat-screen TVs because it will allow any customer to be satisfied when they evaluate a product.

A company should provide a customer with a product of extraordinary quality, and it will be much easier for a client to make a decision. The whole process of buying a product should be smooth, and it will prevent customers from changing their minds. A company can call the clients, and ask them to take an online survey about their experience with a flat-screen TV during the final stage of the purchase process. The quality of the website is also quite essential for online customers (Wen et al. 1509). Furthermore, it is important to provide customers with the best product, so they are satisfied with their purchase.

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