Columbus and Ohio School Funding

Strong children – strong community

It is not a secret that our future depends on our children: if our children would be happy and realize their mission and purpose of life, understand what is wrong and what is right, feel their role as a part of a society, it means that there would not be a necessity to worry about the range of criminality, suicidal actions, etc. The main thing is that the beginning of the future is in the process of upbringing which begins not only within a family, but also at school, during classes, and extracurricular activities. Imagine that a child would not receive appropriate education and upbringing just because of the lack of money. Do our life and the future of our children depend on a slight amount of money? The educational system should be reinvested and the plan of its funding should be reconsidered.

What does the problem of budget constraint mean for the school system

Because of financial problems, the Columbia Ohio districts are in danger of getting into the fiscal-emergency list. What does it mean for the citizens? It means that the financing of several educational establishments would be pruned. One should think over the possibility that the equipment of a school would be old and, what is more awful, not working, or programs would be cut and information children get at school would not be enough for a successful life and future development of strong community: or extracurricular activities which are so vital for all-round development of rising generation would be eliminated (Wandersleben).

Columbian community and the way out of the problem

The government sees the problem in closing several elementary schools, admitting that the budgeted deficit would not be filled in even taking such drastic measures. Columbian community of the district also participates in the process s of solving the problem with budget and levy. It sees the solving of the problem in the levy increase to the amount of $10 which would add more than two million to the budget. Consequently, it would be beneficial not only for the budget and financing of various social establishments. Eric and Christina Wandersleben admit that ten dollar per month (a small sum for every citizen) would be a great investment in children, their life, and destiny (Wandersleben).

Ohio and the way out of the problem

The community of Ohio sees another solution to the problem. There is a good chance to win in federal Race to the Top education funds (Kissell). It would add $400 million to the Ohio budget. The chance is rather promising if not the fact that “Tennessee and Delaware were the only states selected to receive funding in the first round. Ohio finished 10th” (Kissell). Taking into account this aspect, it could mean that the community of Ohio may be less effective than an offer by the community of Columbia.

The destiny of children is in the hand depends on their parents

All in all, the implementation of activities proposed by the Columbian society depends on the choice of its citizens. Still, it is obvious that its citizens are ready to take drastic measures to save the destiny of their children and community on the whole: “Our children are relying on adults to do the right thing by saying yes to equipping them with the tools needed to succeed. In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven workplace, our children will need a strong academic foundation to thrive” (Wandersleben).

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