Attributes of a Good Resource: To Add Alternative Fuel Vehicles


Good resources provide ample food for thought and stimulate constructive and healthy discussion on the subject. In other words, a good resource opens the doors for new thoughts and dynamic ideas for raising the degree and intensity for debate. It could also raise the curiosity level of the reader and provoke him/her to enter into the subject matter of resourcing at a deeper level. A good source for this topic could be the US Department of Energy.

Scouting for Resources

The matter for discussion in this study is regarding attributes of good resource as it relates to the chosen topic, viz., Lotus Rental Car’s CFO on the feasibility of adding alternative fuel vehicles to the fleet.

The main aspects with regard AFV would be in terms of the following:

  1. Previous research conducted, preferably by Government agencies, or professional market researchers on the subject of commercial use of AFV. as substitute for fossil fuels.
  2. Information available in selected websites on the feasibility of adding AFV for use in commercially used automobiles or leased vehicles (not owned Vehicles).
  3. Data that could be collected from Department of Transport regarding benefits, advantages, threats and challenges that arise from use of AFV as a substitute for conventional fuel. The results of cost benefits analysis also need to be examined in the context of feasibility for addition of AFV Vehicles into the fleet.

Previous research conducted

In the case of a topic of this kind, a lot of primary source materials and resources are needed to be sieved, in order to make optimum use of resources to arrive at conclusive results regarding assertion, or negation of research topic.

Attributes of a good resource

Moreover there are three aspects about good resource which could be discussed as follows:

  1. Resources need to be economical. It may be said that the researcher has allotted fixed limited budget for resource and thus it needs to consider the funds available for resourcing, and the constraints under which resource needs to be utilized
  2. Resources need to be convenient to use: it is seen that resources should condescend to the level of an average content user in terms of ease and convenience of access and usage. It needs to be simple, well grounded and facilitate generation of data and information for the user. However well structured and construed recourse may be, if it does not serve desired purpose to the content user, it could not be said to be a gainful or reliable resource.
  3. The third aspect with regard to resource is that it should be factual and not based on personal emotions of the hoister. This adds objectivity and reliability in resourcing and offers an unbiased and detached view of the subject that is very important in research study. It also needs to consider both aspects and perspectives of a given subject, the pros and cons, and analyze it with care and contemplation. A good resource sparks off thinking and reasoning faculties in the content user. It needs to answer much of the queries and finally, should make the content user wiser and more mature in his assessment of the subject under review.
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