Apple iPad: Product, Price, Place, Promotion


Marketing is all about placing goods and services at the correct place, making the selling price affordable, and at the correct period. Marketing is based on a marketing matrix, which is known as the four Ps. It is referred to as four Ps since almost all marketing plans fall under the four groups (Kotler 12). They are price, place, product and promotion of the product. This paper highlights important components of the marketing matrix under which Apple has applied in marketing its new products to the customers.


According to Apple, the iPad is a device that has a table shape and has various characteristics. It resembles the larger iPhone or the Touch iPod. Additionally, it has a led tap display interface. It has the following dimensions of 9.56 in×7.47in. It has a thin structure as well as a battery that can last for ten days (Kotler 25). The product is able to surf the internet, purchase listed music, watch video clips, access photos, open and read e-mails. The product can also support the user to read and buy. The interesting part is that many functions that are supported by the iPhone are well-matched with the iPad.


The Company’s product can be bought from several price points. The cheapest iPad is the 16gb that lacks 3g ability. It has a price index of $499. On the other hand, the 32gb costs cost $599 while 64gb retails price at $699. In case a customer requires a 3g capability, he or she pays an extra $130 on the initial price. Internet users have an added advantage in that an individual will be able to request for AT and T data program which allows internet connectivity from any place and in regions that lack wi-fi connections. A customer is able to access data plans by choosing from the two options: 250mb at $14.99 every month or $29.99 for every month to access internet unlimited (Kotler 90). The company also has proposed that all consumers will have an advantage of accessing several AT and T hotspots free of charge. The customer will be able to stop contractual obligations at any time when they feel like. The Apple company usually charges high premium prices, although they normally give $100 offer to college students on some products.


The company sells the iPad at the market where other products of the same company are sold. In this case, there are many retail points, which sell Apple goods. This makes the product available to several customers in different areas. The company also has several stores in all United States where the goods are sold. Specifically, it has around 284 outlets in the US. Customers are free to place their orders online through the company’s website. Amazon is among the best sellers of Apple products. They also have a chance to sell in large quantities to cater for intermediaries.


Apple has a record of strong and steady advertisement and promotion of its goods. It uses many tech blogs together with websites like zdnet, engadnet and gizmodo. The iPad is one of the important products of the company, it receives the same advertisement treatment to reach the large customer base of the US. The company also places a heavy advertisement in the televisions and radios to establish a large market for the product (Kotler 104).

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