Apple Inc.’s iPad International Marketing Strategy

Marketing is an integral part of a product cycle; how well a company markets its products affects the success of the product (Rakesh, 2005). When developing an international marketing strategy for iPads, Apple Inc needs to consider some crucial factors that are likely to affect the campaigns. This paper discusses an international marketing strategy that the company can adopt.

The type of appeal the company will use and the message that will communicate that appeal

To create an effective communication system between the product and the target market, the company will undertake different options depending on the specific target market it will be targeting. An effective marketing campaign covers all the likely buyers of the product. To market apple iPads internationally, the company need to adopt an integrated Communication marketing strategy (MARCOM); MARCOM is a marketing strategy that incorporates different marketing strategies to have one strategy that can effectively fight their competitors.

The areas that the approach looks into/ the approach that the communication strategy looks into are developing effective advertising strategy, adopt a personal selling strategy when appropriates, create good Public relations and the use direct marketing. Marketing strategies that incorporate the four dimensions of communication will be effective.

The tools of communication that the company should use are electronic media communication, print media, internet and word of mouth (Kerin & Peterson, 2009).

Which of the IMC elements are considered the most important to the success of the campaign?

In a successful marketing strategy, the approach will consider using the theory of 4Ps of marketing. However, the most important elements to consider are.

Target market

The marketing strategy should be responsive and catching to the target market; different markets require different marketing approaches so the company should consider the best approach for a particular market.

Product and price

The quality of the iPads will go a long way in determining the success of the marketing campaigns. Product quality should be a paramount element that the company should have. It should aim to continually improve the quality of its products.

The commodity price will be of importance, as it will determine the affordability of the commodity and the returns that it will offer to the company.

Competitors’ products and strategy

The electronic industry has many players; thus, the company needs to interpolate and understand competitors’ strategy. It should aim to improve its own strategy and offer better quality than the one offered by its competitors.

Would personal selling be a feasible option for marketing the product?

iPads can be sold using a personal selling approach; personal selling is a selling method whereby marketers aim to create a healthy company-customer relationship by using direct selling methods. When Apple adopts the method, it will improve the experience that a customer gets from its products in the efforts of creating loyalty and self-selling.

When using personal selling, the company should take advantage of technological developments like social networks and mobile phones. The marketing departments should develop a close relationship with customers with a move that will facilitate customer loyalty. Direct selling is also crucial in developing a strong brand name and collecting customer information necessary for product improvement and differentiation (Barney, 2007).


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