Americans Have Become Overly Dependent to Technology

Technology has a great impact on our life and routine activities, family relations and communication patterns. Modern Americans are overly dependent to technology using it in daily routines. The increasing role of technology in modern life is explained by its deterministic role in production. Since everyone depends on others in the technical division, the life is threatened by scientific change. Mobile phones and personal computers, modern appliances and cars simplify our life but make us dependent on technology. Americans are overly dependent to technology because they cannot imagine their life without mobile phones and cars; without these devices many people become helpless and vulnerable in modern world.

The basic assumption states that society is not predestined or otherwise forced to a particular technology. Thus, the way and mode of life is shaped by technological devices. The first is changes in scope and uniqueness of the two main sectors – information and industry. This representation classifies industrial production into traditional and high-tech industries, each with diverse needs for technology and innovations. Technology allows modern people to exchange information faster and simpler than ever before. The information can be seen as a two part sector of economy: home-based services and information industries. Both of these sectors provide people with innovations and information applications that have emerged exponentially but play a great role in everyday life of society. These innovations are iPod and iTunes, online shops and chart rooms, etc. These technologies have paved the way for applications in many fields of information processing, at the same time as the production of VCRs create new opporuntities for viewers to watch preferred programs when they wish. As technology advances, people become bounded by computers, from large ones handling medical and scientific tasks to microcomputers in cars, home appliances, games, entertainment centers, and everywhere else. The many uses for technology at home are summed up as “instrumental” and “intrinsic.” Overdependence to technology is explained by the fact that people cannot live and perform well without technology and innovations that enter everyday life.

It is possible to refute these arguments saying that technology supports our life and makes it easier and more pleasant. These ideas, despite their differences, stipulate that a quick socioeconomic growth is under way. This process forms what is typically called the “information society” whose factors are different from earlier societies. Many people in rural areas do not have access to the Internet and other deuces so they are not dependent on technology. Modern life is based on the perception that a present situation will stimulate a set of alternative choices via technology, and the future should be viewed within a wide range of opportunities. Among technological solutions are emergencies, news, and communication between individuals. Among the essential uses are the social contacts they make easy between friends, relatives, neighbors, and the world.

In sum, American society overly dependent to technology paying more attention to advantages and opportunities of these technologies rather than its harmful and negative impact on their lives. Modern technology works with primary causes of change as the basis for creating new tactical options dependable to anticipated environments. A modern technology concept withstands new social changes. It provides efficient performance under all likely environments to enable flexible modification to coming changes. Thus, dependency on technology results in powerlessness and inability of a modern man to adapt to social environment without technological devices and innovations.

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