Amazon Incorporation Concepts


Amazon Incorporation is one of the most successful companies in the world. The company uses powerful concepts to serve its clients. Amazon’s core strategies include “continuous innovation, customer focus, and use of modern technologies” (Mirow 22). These practices have made Amazon a market leader. The biggest question is whether this incorporation will maintain its performance in the future. This section gives a detailed analysis of the threats, opportunities, and key factors impacting the future of this organization.


Social changes

Many people are currently embracing the power of social media. Such people are also using the internet to communicate with one another. Amazon Company can use this opportunity to attract more customers (Osterwalder, Pigneur and Tucci 16). More people are using the internet to share their experiences and ideas. This new practice will support the company’s future goals.

Online Advertising

The internet is making it easier for many firms to advertise their products and business practices. The number of internet users is also on the rise. This development makes it possible “for Amazon to advertise its services and products to different customers” (Donici, Maha and Maha 254).

Modern Technologies

Companies that use new technologies achieve their business goals much faster. Modern technologies are making it easier for businesses to attract new customers. Such technologies have the potential to increase the performance of a business firm (Osterwalder et al. 17). Amazon should use these technological developments in order to emerge successful.

Emerging Markets

Amazon generates its profits from different global markets. New markets have also emerged within the past few years. Some of these markets include South Africa, Brazil, China, Russia, and India. Amazon should consider these new markets in order to emerge successful (Osterwalder et al. 17). These underserved markets will make it easier for Amazon to achieve its business targets.

Changing Consumer Expectations

Many consumers are purchasing “their commodities at the comfort of their houses” (Donici et al. 256). The internet is also making this practice common in many societies. Amazon is a leader in e-marketing. This development will support its business strategy.



The attractiveness of e-marketing continues to attract more businesses. The online marketing industry has grown significantly within the past one decade (Hill and Jones 48). The level of competition continues to increase. Companies such as Google Incorporation and Apple are producing superior products. New companies are expected to join the industry in the future.


Companies such as Amazon are “at a higher risk of being hacked” (“The Future of” par. 21). Phishing has become common in every corner of the globe. Many online criminals are targeting companies that do their businesses online. Amazon must therefore strengthen its security measures.

Business Strategy

Amazon faces a unique internal threat. The firm uses its online presence to support different business functions. This practice makes it impossible for the firm to target new markets and potential customers. Some potential customers are also “unable to shop from Amazon due to lack of internet connection” (Donici et al. 256). New competitors are using mixed marketing strategies in order to attract more clients. This scenario will eventually affect Amazon negatively.

Key Factors Affecting Amazon Incorporation’s Future

Amazon offers a wide range of differentiated products and services to different customers (Mirow 15). The addition of new products such as clothes and jewelries has Amazon more competitive. However, this approach has attracted new competitors. Such competitors are embracing similar business practices in order to achieve their objectives. Amazon must diversify its business strategy in order to remain profitable.

The current digitalization of print media is projected to affect Amazon’s future performance (“The Future of” par. 27). The firm will find it hard to market most of its paper books. This factor will disorient Amazon’s core business function. The level of competition in this industry has also increased. Some companies such as Google Incorporation are digitalizing their media contents (Mirow 19). Apple Incorporation has also produced quality e-products and applications.

The issue of environmental degradation has become a critical concern in many societies. Many customers are concerned with the issue of environmental sustainability (Hill and Jones 72). Amazon will have to use appropriate approaches in order to fulfill the changing needs of its future customers. Amazon’s business function is founded on e-commerce. At the same time, technology has been changing very fast. That being the case, Amazon Incorporation must incur more expenses in order to deliver quality products to its clients (Osterwalder et al. 31). This wave of technological change will definitely have numerous implications on Amazon’s future business.

More people are using online sites and social networks. The internet is becoming available to many citizens. Many customers will be “focusing on online shopping in the future” (“The Future of” par. 9). Amazon must therefore consider these changes in order to achieve its business objectives. The e-commerce industry has also remained attractive within the past one decade. The profitability of this industry will continue to attract more players. Amazon should expect to face much competition from these newcomers. The firm can use powerful strategies in order to achieve its business potentials. New substitutes are evident in Amazon’s market segment. New enterprises are currently “marketing electronics, household appliances, books, and healthcare products” (Mirow 28). The continued use of online marketing will eventually affect Amazon’s performance.

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