“All in the Family” TV Show and Its Impact

People’s mind is opened for impact from all sides of social life. People may be influenced by ads, by the opinion of authorities, by friends, and other aspects, but the main influential issue remains television. Television became one of the main entertainments for most people and the words which come from television remain in their minds for a long time. The icon of American television, Archie Bunker with his show “All in the Family”, remains the person who tells the truth from TV sets and people are influenced by his words, in spite of the fact that they are ironic.

The ability for people to carry guns with them is the law that is criticized by Archie Bunker, and people are influenced by these words and begin to think like Archie Bunker. Television is a great power, as there is the consideration that all said in media is reliable and should be trusted without any checking and analysis of the information. It is put in people’s minds and to overcome this opinion is hard.

To be specific, the episode from the show “All in the Family” should be discussed. The gun control Amendment of the constitution is laughed. It is impossible to make people in security only by allowing them to carry guns. Archie Bunker says, “Well, I could stop hijacking tomorrow… if anyone was allowed to carry guns then hijacking would not have any superiority. All you got to do is arm all the passengers, then no hijacker would risk pulling a rod” (Bunker). It is really so, as people, who are given some privileges use them for the whole volume.

Imagining the above situation, it is obvious that people with guns in the airplane will be afraid more for their lives, as to fly with people who all possess a gun (and understanding of this makes people afraid). The great problem is when all people possess guns than it was before the second Amendment adoption. Listening to Archie Bunker’s words, people are eager to take up his idea in two prospects, as propaganda and as irony, as “many Americans exaggerate their chances of being the victim of a crime, and it appears that those who watch more television are more likely to overcome their chance of victimizing” (Wilson 184). This means that by watching such programs, people will be afraid to appear in the situation like offered, and they are sure to face such problems as people’s thoughts have the ability to become realized.

Television is a powerful issue, it is watched by people, it is perceived by them and often some wrong considerations are taken out of it. Having heard about the guns in an airplane, people will laugh at such a situation, but having appeared on the plane they will recollect that information and may appear to be in a panic, realizing that person near can be with a gun. People’s mind is easily yielded by out influence and in most times may not overcome that.

In conclusion, mass media is the biggest influential aspect in people’s lives and it is significant to follow the programs which are watched and information that is perceived as the information may be harmful and change people’s understanding of life. Watching TV, people should take into consideration what information should be trusted and which not, the sort of filter should be implemented as all said on TV is not usually the core instructions for the actions, but just the information to think about and analyze.


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