Advertising in Peoples Life

The value of money has not changed over the years and will stay always. It is an addiction/affinity to what one desires to buy. People nowadays would like to live a luxurious life by all means, and so money has always been a top priority. Advertising has always pumped up the flow of money let that be buying cloth, a car, traveling, etc. As we can see, the models display a certain product and people go and buy it.

This has been the main theme in the book written by Tone Cade Bambara. This book “The Lesson” examines the realization of economic inequity in America in the 1960s through the eyes of a young girl. (Bambara).

To a certain extent, we are happy when we buy the things that we desire. It shows satisfaction and tells us that we have achieved what we wanted to. In turn, we get happiness. Money does give us a state of happiness and motivates us to attain more goals in life. Advertising is a mode that helps a manufacturer to reach his products to the customer at ease. The field of advertising is classified into a broader structure. Each company adopts different modes of advertisement which they feel can reach the customer. The different ways of advertising are

  • Media
    1. Through TV
    2. Internet & Mobile Services
  • Word Of Mouth (WOM)
  • Hoardings.

All these factors control the lifestyle of the common man which provokes him towards the product that he desires or a desire which is being created through advertisement.

As the saying goes “money can buy time”, which is a valued one is true to a great extent. Money can give all the luxurious things that one needs to achieve in his entire life, let that be buying precious gifts, houses, cars, traveling all over the world, no matter what. It even gets you fame as you always wish to. For the smooth functioning of a firm, proper management is required. This can be resolved by recruiting the best workers which in turn helps save time and increase quality productivity. This helps top-level managers to concentrate on the core issues and future strategies of the firm. In the case of a layman, delegating the hectic work to the appropriate servicemen can save time and help improvise on one’s ability in other fields. In today’s world, when you have money, people respect you. You, in turn, get an opportunity to stand up and show yourself out to the public. Getting your things done, you become influential. So, money does play an important role in life. Money makes you independent, confident and helps you implement the ideas that you have chalked out.

There is a fine line of separation when it comes to money. We have the rich, the middle class & the poor. People who aren’t that rich have an affinity to be rich and they would try their level best to be so. If you need to enjoy yourself, you need to have money which is the most important thing. If you have money, you can have all the possible things on earth; you get happiness. You can move yourself to a bigger apartment etc. It gives you the freedom to do anything. You don’t have to depend on anyone. You are your boss. You can build a firm, recruit people, and sell any product you wish to. None will dare to stop you. As it is often debated, money will get you freedom, which is true. It gives you the freedom of distinguishing yourself from others, freedom of thought. For example, if you don’t have the money you will have to depend on some reliable source like your parents or relatives or someone else. If your reliable sources aren’t strong enough, what are the possible ways to get money? If you have enough and more money with you, you do not have to go and ask anyone. Just implement the ideas that you have and work on them. Justifying your thoughts and ideas would take place. Many options would come out once you have enough and more money with you. If you don’t have any money left out with you, then your thoughts are limited, you wouldn’t be able to be open with your ideas. Your thoughts would be constrained. There are many examples of this nature. One of the famous Indian industrialists, Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, who is the founder of Reliance group of industries, is one among the lot. He owns one of the world’s leading petroleum and telecommunication industries.

For the poor, it is only to make a stomach content which is the prime want for human beings. At this onset, there are no ambitions for a poor man other than leading a normal life. This has always urged him to know the value of money and he has been working hard on it, though many haven’t succeeded. It is always a deep vision right inside that keeps you going on hard for it. As the competition in the world is rising, there are many opportunities in different fields which help discover one when he/she gives a trial on the opportunities that fall in their life.

Our parents have a lot to offer in molding us with rich values. Several factors influence us in shaping the character of an individual. The most ideal influence is from home and friends. We look up to them and try to follow in their footsteps in our lives. Wisdom is one tool that parents give us as a valuable asset that prevails till our death. This has immense power to withstand any difficulties and destroy any obstacles in our way. Youngsters often get fantasized by the advertisement and other media-related programs that provoke them to do anything and everything that risks their life an appropriate timing. This can be resolved by workshops, seminars by professionals in the industry for the proper utilization and implementation of the product.

As has been said earlier, and considering all the factors, it helps in building up a better society that is ethically responsible. This gives an inference that money is important in coordinating every aspect of your life and at the same time can turn hazardous if not used properly and without proper planning. So, know the value of it; it is priceless. Money needs to be spent wisely if it is to inure for the public good. Again, it is not something to be hoarded or glorified. It needs to be used for human benefit and to be able to satisfy human wants, not only for individuals but also the society on which humans are so largely dependent.

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