Abortion-Related Laws: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice

Abortion-related laws have always been highly controversial and hotly debated topics of both the United States and the globe. Abortion is any pregnancy termination procedure, and there are major moral issues related to induced abortion. To correctly understand the ethical aspects of this type of medical intervention, it is necessary to realize that pregnancy is, on the one hand, a normal physiological process that occurs with a woman and her body, and on the other hand, it is a process of biological form of a new person.

Florida state legalized abortion, but it bans the given procedure at 25 weeks of pregnancy. There a certain set of restrictions on abortion that were introduced in September 2019, which make it mandatory to undergo abortion discouragement counseling (“State facts about abortion: Florida,” 2019). In general, Florida state does not violate women’s rights because these abortion regulations give women a choice, but the state also does not promote abortions by setting up specific restrictions. The recent changes were implemented due to the increasing instances of abortions.

However, federal laws allow women to have a choice of aborting a child due to the 1973 US Supreme Court’s decision to implement Roe v. Wade (“Roe v. Wade and abortion law,” 2019). The given law was introduced due to the rise of feminism, and it protects women’s rights. On the international scale, World Health Organization (WHO) recognized that unsafe abortion procedures are considered to be a public health issue, therefore, it created policy guidelines to protect women’s health during abortions (Greasley, 2017). WHO defends women’s health from unsafe abortions, which mostly occur due to illegality in certain states and nations. There is a tendency of the worldwide shift towards being more pro-choice with certain restrictions.

In conclusion, abortion has become one of the most intensively and many-sided issues of the theory of morality. Specialists formulate their content in different ways depending on the views. Defenders of the right to abortion and their opponents do not agree among themselves, even in the terminology of the dispute. Opponents insist that the problem here is that it is possible to kill embryos, like other human beings. Advocates consider the central question as to whether to force a woman to bear an unwanted fetus, even at the cost of her health and life.


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